Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Letter From L.P.A.


ALLAH Education
Peace to the God!!

On the day of Knowledge-Equality, month of Cipher Cee Truth. I bring forth a perspective that puts all things in a proper perspective. Since I'm taught that Knowledge is the basic foundation and Equality is something I have to master at all times. My "Cipher will Cee the Truth" of the above and the sixteen section of the points I shall master. I view this as self taking the "poor" out of the degree. Since age=degree, when I reach this degree (A-Good-Example) I remove the -poor- through "self-responsibility" and the required duty to teach civilization!! The sixteen sections are a result of the 8 points divided into two parts. The eight points are the symbol of the ever expanding Universe...Since eight is Build and U= "You or Universe". I conclude- "Build" - "You" is the expansion of the Universe, or simply teach wherever you go and we will be ever expanding!! Since I'm taught that when you "Wisdom", the "Build" is also activated. The eight points have "two sides". I draw this up from the perspective - you have a sender (teacher) and receiver (student). Both are interchangeable because your mathematics don't live until your cipher or students come back to teach you!!

So viewing the "two sides" from a different angle. I draw up a clear perspective for "Build or Destroy", because it has two sides to it!! Through truly understanding, one is able to Knowledge his Equality and become a master of rain, hail, snow, and earthquake!! How many of the 17 million are still making mistakes when it comes to this degree? If I "Knowledge" - "ALLAH-God" and know the meaning of civilization - there can't be any mistakes on this degree (1+7=8) WOW.

This is the "Build" producing sound - giving you a foundation (1) or (36 kees) to build upon (120). Knowing how to apply "120 in life". A vast majority of the population will never "Knowledge their Equality", which I alphabetically see as Power. The Power to righteously ascend the square, into "seven". They will spend their time "straying" from the roots of civilization living a jungle way of life. So they fail to knowledge the equality of "ALLAH". The Father who we respectfully call ALLAH God!!

Sun the beast didn't let the Mathematics get through. Maybe the written form. Peace to Self - I'm out. Tell Kalim I sent the logo out to be copy written, I got the receipt back past day.


S.T. of V.A.

Death Before Dishonor

P.S.- Lord we have to zig zag zig -120 in-

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Back to the Basics

In the Nation of Gods and Earths there are 8 Lessons that comprise our Book of Life as given to us by Almighty God Allah. The first twoof which are his Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphavets. These are the 36 Kees to cee heaven. And while all of us should already know this, there are some in our midst that do not Understand the Father's Equality and are locking themselves out of the House that Allah built because they don't have the right Kees to get to Born. So I say we need to het back to the basics to correct this. Allah said, "Give the child the basics and let them go for thereself." Problem is, some are going for self without the basics.

Being the Best Knower, Allah gave us the necessary Knowledge and Wisdom of the Cipher (120*) so that we could Understand the fundamental basics on how to Build a righteous Nation of Gods and Earths to Destroy the negative elements of life bing imposed upon the impressionable youth by an unalike society. To be successful in all our undertakings, Allah grounded us n the Supreme Living Principles of Mathematics and Alphabets. He taught us to use his Supreme Mathematical and Alphabetical Kees to unlock the Understanding of not only our Lessons, b.u.t. (and this ain't no lie!) life itself. Which is why our Culture is not Islam, nor Freedom as some claim. Our Culture is Supreme Living Mathematics, of which Freedom (40 or more) and Islam (I Shall Live As Mind) are both manifestations of. Thus making our first two Lessons the most vital in attaining a Supreme Understanding of Nation values and principles.

44 years ago Almighty God Allah brought forth his 12 Disciples to teach the world the Knowledge of who the True and Living God of the Universe is and the Wisdom of who and what a real devil is. So that today we have theFreedom to understand the reality of the Culture of God (Good Orderly Direction!). Allah himself came and showed us that God is not a sky born baby, and tookus through the birth record to prove it. He taught us how to count the blessings of life using his Supreme Mathematics, then showed us how to speak the language of the righteous using his Supreme Alphabets. Because all good teachers know that the "3 R's" of reading, riting, and rithmetic are the most vital Kee components in any education. Which is why Allah taught us that "The greatest education is a person having Knowlege of Self".

Therefore, Allah reunited the seed unto his magnetic and Universal, Infinite Mind. By doing so, he brought back together the Black, Brown, and Yellow seeds of the Original Man and showed us how to ascend into Seven and be God. In order to do so, we must first Master the Kees entrusted to us and begin unlocking the infinite potential of the Divine Living Mind in order to truly live Allah's Mathematics and speak Allah's Alphabetical language. That is how each and every God in this Nation became Allah's True and Living Sun, by Mastering the basics first. It really is as simple as A, B, and C being as easy as 1, 2, and 3 (smile). Or is it?

The reason I manifest all that is to verse about all of the unalike slang I've heard being advocated over the years, being passed aling to others as right and exact. These pins have been in the heads of the youth for far too long, which at one point in time included me. However, my being nursed back into a mental resurrection shows and proves that we could all cremate these grafted pins in one day, without falling a victim to another's misuverstandings. All we have to do is Supremely examine the origin of what we are saying. As I cee it, these things need to be addressed on a national level, because there is no reason why Gods and Earths from one place should have different Mathematics than Gods and Earths from another place. Nor should we be speaking our Alphabets so differently from place to place. Keeping in mind of course that our Alphabets are Supremely flexible in application and usage, yet in (principle) they shall always remain the same, just as Allah decreed them. Which is why I was taught to "Let no one change or stop these teachings Sun".

Mind you, I'm strictly talking about our Mathematics and Alphabets, the Kees to unlock 120*. The many different Lessons being taught, quoted and in some cases lived out is another cipher in and of itself. I want to focus on getting back to the basics to Build upon the foundation Allah blessed us with. Because my Mathematics are my origin in this Nation and my Alphabets are thoe orgin of thae language I manifest. How about you? Are your Mathematics Living Mathematics? Are your Alphabets Living Alphabets? Do you speak the language of Allah? If so, could you please explain to me what Power or Refinement is? What is that? Who's refining your Power? Because Allah's Power is the Truth, refinement is change, and the Truth is that the Blackman is God, how do you change that?

Also, what is Now Cipher? I know my Culture Now is the gift of time known as the present, so how can it be no? Now lets look within 120* to cee where it builds on so-called "Plus Lessons"? What degre in what Lesson is that in? It isn't in there! And that's because there's no such thing. Why do you think the Black Messiah said that "A Plus Lesson is a G.E.D. or diploma. Plus means to add on?" Allah NEVER wrote any so-called "Plus Lessons"! Anyone saying so is either miseducated or lying, that's a fact jack.

And what is the exact year, month, and day that our National Anthem became a person? I was taught that the Enlightener is a song written by Knowledge Allah and Amar Education, and no one can be taught this Truth by a song. I'd also like to know the name of the person that went back into the womb to get their so-called 12 jewels? What the ?! Coming around talking about "Knowledge, Knowledge". (Laughter) Eleven is not our greetings, God's greetings are Peace! That's why Allah said, "As Salaam fought the war in 1400, that's why I say Peace". Which is why we are to get our jewels from the 13th Man, not the mosque. Wouldn't coming out of the womb make you a so-called "Newborn"? (smile) Because if Born means brought to completion, how can someone just coming into this Knowledge be complete? That's not in it's proper Mathematical sequence is it? Therefore, it doesn't add up, because it's wrong.

Let's not forget my personal favorite, what the hell is a so-called Power Ruler? Have you not heard that Asia is the body and the attic is the mind? Therefore the Original Man, be he Black, Brown, or Yellow, is Asiatic. Not a so-called Puertorican! That's the devil's colonization being set up in the trading posts of your thinking. Take another look at the Allah God degree in the Knowledge of Allah's Culture (7*: 1-14) so you can cee who wants us to think we are all different, then I'll tell you who's Power truly Rules! That's the Supreme Alphabetical order of Allah.

There are just the most common pins I continually come across, that like many, I too was once advocating because of my miseducation and lack of Understanding. Fortuanately for me, the God who Allah spoke to taught me that Allah said, "That's not my teachings Sun", so I cleaned mmyself up! Because Allah's words were very clear when he told his mos trustworthy, Mathematical Kee "Sun, if you can't speak the language you don't belong in the land". And I know some of you space reanger will never land (laughter), so I'm only reaching to those that're striving to Build with Allah's jewels. It's to you whom I say let's get back to the basics. Study Allah's teachings, not some "plus lesson" that'll poison your thoughts or some grafted book written by some mystery fraud nobody ever sees or hears from. Allah's Just and True Suns can be found everywhere teaching the Truth. Where'd you find yours? Can you trace your teachings back t Allah through your so-called enlightener? If not, something ain't right, never mind exact!

Many of these live grafted ideas have been passed aling from generation to generation an are a embedded in people's brains as the trichina worm is in their muscle fiber. Both of which are the result of eating pork, one physical and one mental, and neither of which are easily Destroyed. However, all things are possible when God wills it to be! Will you continue to renew that same old history, or will you go back to the basics and rewrite your history, not only right, b.u.t. right and exact?! As Allah once asked, "Why did you choose me if you're not going to do as I say"? The choice is yours.

Until our minds meet again, I will all your thoughts be in their proper Mathematical sequence and all your words in their Supreme Mathematical order. As Allah would say, "If you ain't about that, then keep your dead behind home". (laughter) Allah-U-Akbar! Supreme Peace!

1 Timothy 1:7 "Desiring to be teachers of the law; understanding neither what they say nor whereof they affirm".

Properly Elevating Allah's Creative Energy!

Lord Kalim's Chosen Cremator,

Scientific Born Allah


Monday, October 13, 2008

Music & 120*

Lord Universal Al-Samad ALLAH
Father Equality Be or Born
15,092 A.C.
Cipher Build or Destroy

In the Name of ALLAH and his right hand man Justice Cee...

The most common method of music in the western world is the Ionian mode. The Ionian mode is the Greek name for the major scale. Ion- from the Greek "ienai; meaning something that goes". Ian- from the old French "ien; meaning relating, belonging to, or resembling". What does it resemble? The Original Man's music! To the original people music was not vocal or instrumental in kind, but it meant the living practice of philosophy. The adjustment of human life into harmony with God, until the personal soul became unified with him and consciously heard, because it now participated in the music of the spheres (9* 1-14). Whereas, the colored man's music is the so-called art of organizing tones in a coherent sequence so as to produce a unified and continuous composition.

Music, from the Greek mousike: (art) of the muses. The muses of Greek mythology were any of the nine daughters of Mnemosyne and Zues, each of whom presided over a different art or science (9* 1-40).

The musicality of many Bantu words is so precise that they can be transcribed on a stave (or staff), using European notation, for example: Jiba (theft in duala) would be written while Muenen (light) could be transcribed. Notice that a stave is composed of 5 lines and 4 spaces: (5+4=9) (36* 1-40) 6,020+72,241+2,197,351=52=7 (7*1-10) How much useful land is used by the Original Man? ans. The Original Man uses 23,000,000 square miles. If we take this 23 million through our Supreme Alphabets we cee Wisdom being manifested in our Power to rise above six miles of her surface. (7*1-36) Why does he like the devil? He like the devil because the devil keeps him trapped with no known responsibilities in the realm of six, and not being able to propes himself into those higher degrees of self. Which brings us to the structure of the musical body. Musical notes consist of the first seven notes of the Alphabets; A, B, C, D, E, F, and G. When playing a musical composition, the first note is called the root.

Root, according to Mathematics, is a number that when multipled by itself, an indicated amount of times, forms a product equal to a specified number. (7* 1-14) Why does the devil call our people Africans? Because the root of trick knowledge is propaganda! B.U.T. the root of existence is the Original Man, coinciding with the 1* 1-10 we can cee that these notes represents: A-1-Original Man, B-2-Asiatic Blackman, C-3-Maker, D-4-Owner, E-5-Cream of the planet Earth, F-6-Father of Civilization, G-7-God of the Universe. BUT this is not where the mathematics of music ends, for there is a process of elevation in every sphere of life. Thus, the rotation of notes in the musical scale elevate to a higher degree referred to as an "Octave": A-1/8, B-2/9, C-3/10, D-4/11, E-5/12, F-6/13, G-7/14, A-1/15.

"Octave Eighth"

(7* 1-40) How fast does our panet travel?

ans. 1,037 1/3 mph. (1+3+7+1+3=15=6), thus, our planet travels in the realm of six. This six is only a limitation in that mist that strikes a cold current and turns into solik ice in small round drops in form or a light fluffy form called snow. Compared to (7* Actual Facts) Mount Everest is 29,141 feet high. Being the highest elevation on the planet manifesting the knowledge of God having the ability to consciously build or destroy (2+9+1+4+1=1+7=8). (8* Actual Facts) Sound travels at a rate of 1,120 feet per second. (8+1+1+2=1+2=3). 3 is the C note, the note that the mahor scale actually begins on. In science this is referred to as "sublimate" or "sublimation", which means to go from a gas state (knowledge) to a soled state (understanding) at such a high rate that it bypasses the liquid state (wisdom). Thus, C becomes the root, meaning that your understanding of your position is the root of seeking further knowledge. It is the original mans seed elevating from the cream --to the Father whom produces the cream. Also, we have what are called accidentals. That is # (sharps) : raises the value of a note a 1/2 step: (flats) : lower the value of a note a 1/2 step; and (naturals) which cancels out all sharps and flats. Holy Qur'an 4:95. (7* Solar Facts) Uranus is 1,783,000,000 miles from the Sun (1+7+8+3=1+9=1). So we take life from knowledge to born, elevating God into the realm of consciously building civilizations. (8* Solar Facts) Neptune is 2,793,000,000 miles from the Sun. (2+7+9+3=2+1=3) Bringing U.N.I. back to the home I.S.L.A.M. (3* Solar Facts) Earth is 93,000,000 miles from the Sun. This is where the Sun of Man borns his understanding of equality on all planes (planets) through his eight points of self-awareness (120*).

1. Supreme Mathematics 5. Lost/Found #1
2. Supreme Alphabets 6. Lost/Found #2
3. Student Enrollment 7. Actual Facts
4. English Lesson #C-1 8. Solar Facts


1* 1-10

7* 1-10

7* 1-36

7* 1-14

9* 1-14

7* 1-40

9* 1-40

36* 1-40

7* Actual Facts

8* Actual Facts

3* Solar Facts

7* Solar Facts

8* Solar Facts

Holy Qur'an 4:95

The Meaning of Masonry by: W.L. Wilmshurst

Music Theory Class

African Music: A Peoples Art by: Francis Bebey

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Come Home


Peace and Bleassings,

To all my brothers locked down in the belly of the beast I say, "Come Home!". Sincerely I am missing you. I know ALLAH said, "Don't miss me be me, and all those who miss me aint me.". Well it is what it is. I am still the Sun of a Father. To the Supreme Team of Va; Lord Prince, Father Sun, Lord Sincere Mos Powerful, Dominant Asiaitc Savior, Benevolent, Freedom, Judgement, and all of your fruit come home! To my own branch of Supreme Team; God Be U, Grand Architectual Zig Zag Zig, the Guru, Divine God Prince Star, and all of your fruit come home! The Understanding Allah-God, Understanding Build or Destroy, Understanding Born, and Freedom add Cipher degrees are screaming in my head. We are seen and heard everywhere, so I do mines out here and you do yours in there. In one day you will break away from the island of Penal, either mentally or physically. In my own God time, the understanding for all that I cee and hear shall be born to me. And no question I will give all I have and do all within my power to cee the day when we can pop bottles together, the brothers in the Name of ALLAH. If you do not have Brotherhood you aint got shit. That is the foundation. To my brothers that are home; Self Born, Lord Sincere "Best Part", I love you and we in here let's grind in the Name. Oh yeah to my prodigy Reality, you were a newborn babe when I left you, God you taught me how to listen with a humble ear to the people. This is my heart to all who witness, my blood, life, and sacrifice. To the Supreme Team. Lord Kalim ALLAH, you like the Watcher, never seen yet forever in the midst. Scientific Born keep delivering that heat to these cold coons. Gykee, I wonder did you know what you were doing when you taught Lord Kalim all those years past, if not ALLAH knew when he was teaching you. I love you all like I love myself. Peace.



"Death Before Dishonor"

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Our Story (His-Story)

In the Name of ALLAH and Justice do I greet my readers in the tranquil salute of Peace! My righteous name is ALLAH Education, and I am here to heal the wounds of mis-education plaguing our Nation(s). The moon cycle of Cipher Cee Truth is an eventful month in the history of the Nation of Gods and Earths. The birth of a Nation takes place in this month Freedom Power years past! So do the knowledge to the events that lead up to Oct. 10, 1964 and if you did not know, well now you know!

On Oct. 7, 1964; Karream, Al-Jabbar, and Nihiem were in Karream's brothers apartment on 127th st. They were going over some lessons they had. When Karream's brother walked in and said, "You'll going over some lessons, but it's a man in the Hole (Big Walter's Basement) saying he is Almighty God ALLAH. "Karream grabbed a meat cleaver. He told the rest to, "Wait here!", he went to the Hole. When he came back he told Prince, and Bismi ALLAH, " One is Knowledge, Two is Wisdom, Three is Understanding, Four is Culture or Freedom (when applied to 40 or more), Five is Power, Six is Equality, Seven is Allah-God, Eight is Build or Destroy, Nine is Born, and Zero is Cipher."

First Born Prince ALLAH taught my forefather Lord Kalim ALLAH, that Al-Salaam was born to ALLAH on the Build or Destroy day of Cipher Cee Truth, in the year One.

On the Knowledge add Cipher day in the month of Cipher Cee Truth, in the year One, ALLAH met First Born Prince ALLAH, and reunited the seeds which Yacub had seperated into being Blind, Deaf, and Dumb; the Black, Brown, and Yellow. Thus reversing the seperation of the seeds! The Black Messiah (Blackseed), Al-Salaam (Brownseed), and Prince ALLAH (yellowseed), show and prove that all the seeds are ALLAHs.

This is an important account of our Nation's history. There are many myths running around mystifying the origin of ALLAH's Nation. Trust nothing that cannot be traced back to ALLAH through the lineage of his Just and True Suns! The elders who walked and talked this History that I teach are still amongst us, seek and ye shall find. All praises due to my beloved blackseeds of my family tree; ALLAH, ABG#7, Gykee Mathematics, Lord Kalim, and Father Sun. Word is Bond, and Bond means Life. ALLAHs word must be bond because it surely has changed my life! If you have something better bring it to the table!


ALLAH Education

Supreme Team of VA