Monday, September 29, 2008

Bridging the Gap



I come in the Name of ALLAH, as ALLAH Education. There's much said in these days and times of our Nation that the time for untiy is Now more than ever. I agree. In the year one ALLAH united the Black, Brown, and Yellow; so now in the year fourty-five we must unite the eleders with the youth. There is a gap. Rallies in cities all over the U.S. have declined since the 90's, and as a result there is an emerging generation that are completely foreign to the Knowledge of Self. This new generation have been overrun by other said nations of gangs, homosexuality, drugs, and alcohol. Although a new generation, this obstacle is nothing new to our Nation. The majority of the first and second waves of Gods and Earths were renegade muslims, and gang members, whom the Father went into the ghettoes of Hell with Love in order to born these youth to be Right and exact. BUT those of us who have utilized the Knowledge of Self to elevate out of the cipher of six and left the people and do not plan to return for them are doing a disservice to the Nation. The civilized are held responsible for the uncivilized. If you walk by these misguided youth without even a loving gesture of peace, shame on you! ALLAH did not bring this knowledge to the youth in order for us to become alike to other said nations that advocated primarily amongst the old. "We do not teach the old, unless they have resources to offer the youth." "The wealth of any nation is its children." "The babies are the greatest." We speak these things but who among truly lives these things we speak. The oldest of the first 9 Born was Al-Salaam who was at the age of 21 when he met the Father. So those of you who neglect these hardcore adolescents and young men think again. They are babies too regardless to what this eurocentric society may say. This age demographic is who needs us the most before it is to late. They are all seeking the truth, do you not have what they need? I am first to admit the difficulty in approaching these brothers and sisters but it must be done. As it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end. ALLAH borned this Nation by showing and proving his Supreme Power amongst the thugs, stick-up kids, and rebellious youth. In these days and times, more time needs to spent civilizing these youth who are hardcore because the gangs are eating them alive shipping hundreds of strong and young black and brown brothers and sisters to prison or the grave. Stop chasing the meek and somewhat educated because they are quicker to accept and target he who is a savage in every sense of the word. They will keep our Nation strong with magnetic because they will truly attest to the change that ALLAHs Mathematics has had in their lives. No one respects the weak in these streets. When ALLAH met Black Messiah who was Karream at the time, Messiah had came to take the Fathers head for saying he was ALLAH BUT he left speaking Supreme Mathematics! Now how many of us can say they have had the same affect on these thugs? This is one of the situations that earned the repspect for the Nation of Gods and Earths throughout New York City. We were known to turn around the lives of pimps, gangsters, and dope fiends. This is what makes the people bear witness to ALLAH. Never be afraid to come in a cold current in order to freeze the devils out of these hot headed brothers. "I have to speak the truth even if it hurts me.". In the name of ALLAH, God Alahambra, and Satu. These brothers gave the ultimate sacrifice, what will you give?

ALLAH Education

Supreme Team

"Deathe Before Dishonor"

Friday, September 19, 2008

In The Name Of Allah?

To come "In" the Universal Family Name of Allah is the bold statement of Supreme Independence that distinguishes the True and Living God of the Universe, Almighty God Allah and his Just and True Suns, as the Divine Architects and Builders of reality collectively known as the Nation of Gods and Earths, from (ALL) others. Especially from those that try (and fail!) to graft and incorporate Allah's teachings and name into their own weak ciphers (you know who you are!) for the purpose of leading people in the wrong direction, to take their time and money and use it to benefit their own selfish causes. Your bloodsucking of the poor in the name of Allah stops here and now, and so shall speaking my Father's name in vain! The time has come that you be held responsible for your blasphemous ways and actions.
Almighty God Allah and his True and Living Suns do NOT sell words to the blind, deaf, and dumb. We do NOT sell our Lessons, we do NOT sell our Universal Flag, we do not preach to people, and we most certainly do not pimp the Truth for personal gain as many of you so-called ministers and authors are attempting. Allah never did, nor did he ever teach us to do these things! Allah taught the Supreme Truth about himself and his prophets, yet many of you weak 10%ers are preaching lies for a profit and are attempting to shield your dirty ways with Allah's name. Emphatically no ! Surely these are not the teachings of the 13th man, and I can show and prove it in no limit of time because a lie can never stand up to the Truth! Whenever the True and Living do sell any of the above mentioned items, it is for the purpose of raising money at the rallies to teach the babies, as well as to cover the costs of manufacturing such things. NEVER are they sold to get rich from the purse of the poor!

Thus, only he with a Supremely educated God State of Mind can truly come in the Universal Family Name of Allah and wisely live it out according to Allah's teachings. By doing so, we allow the world to detect our eminent, Supreme Godhood with the naked eye which shows and proves that Allah's Nation of Gods and Earths openly, knowingly, and willingly accepts and fulfills the duty of a civilized nation, and any and all responsibilities that must be met accordingly. Because we know that our people need teaching not preaching!

This means that we have been blessed with the burden of teaching the uncivilized, disenfranchised (85%) masses civilization, righteousness, the knowledge of self, and the science of everything in life: Love, Peace, and Happiness. To do so, we must first cultivate and develop the Supreme Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding of these intrinsic righteous qualities within Self first, in order to be qualified to educate others on how to manifest their inherent potential as well, just as Allah taught us to do. When he said "The greatest education is a person having Knowledge of Self", he showed and proved it by having the mayor of New York City and his aide on call for whatever his Suns needed! How many of you can say the same? Where are your 500 Five Percent? There is only one Allah, always has been and always will be! Regardless of whom you claim to be and what you selling your books, nobody will ever change what Allah decreed.

The Supreme blessing of sincerely living Allah's Mathematics does not come in the form of gold (money), material possessions of any kind or any so-called best seller's book list, because those are not the standards (Rule or Ruler) Allah measures life by! Have you not heard that the wealth of any nation are the children? In fact, all that above is caused by the Sun of Man experimenting with the high explosives of Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabets in the laboratory of life! So when this Culture is Born in the minds of the youth, it causes you unalike jewel-seekers to come in the midst of the righteous, telling lies with your books and grafted history trying to steal the Truth and Mater the Original Man (mind!) with your live grafted ideas on how to receive more gold. Well, your buck stops here!

Since 1964 Allah's Just and True Suns have been teaching, uniting and uplifting the mentally dead (ignorant) through the science of Allah's Mathematics and Alphabets being the kees to unlock the Supreme Understanding of our relationship to the Universe. Allah fashioned his Mathematical and Alphabetical Kees to make us self sufficient as a Nation, and of course he is successful in all of his undertakings! As such, the True and Living walk in his grace and mercy and teach in the image and likeness of Almighty God Allah himself, and unlike you scavengers that prey on the minds of the weak for whatever you can get for yourself, we will NEVER sell the kees to the house that Allah built! So the only way to obtain them is to have no unrighteousness within and be Just and True with what has been entrusted to the Sun by the Gather, by teaching everywhere you go ! Then and only then does one inherit Allah's Supreme Knowledge by going through the birth record. And this Truth will never be diluted, mixed or tampered with no matter how hard you sellouts try! To try is to fail, because your arms are too short to box with God! (smile) That's why Allah taught us that, "If the Truth don't stop you, nothing else will."

Therefore, the fundamental aspect of our Culture of coming (living life) in the Universal Family Name of Allah is vital to lour National Identity as a whole, the Best Part of which is to be preserved for the True and Living, not you few money driven! Because not only does our Universal Family name set us apart from other nations and cultures, it compels the world to recognize and acknowledge _ either willingly or unwillingly; consciously or subconsciously _ the Supreme way of life he who comes in Allah's name and lives it out right and exact.

So whenever anyone attempts to come in Allah's name and cannot show and prove it through their way and actions, in accordance with Allah's science of life, immediately the questions comes to mind, "Who is the founder of your unalike ideas". Certainly not Allah! So stop using my Father's name in vain! Nobody will ever change or minimize the Supreme Truth that Almighty God Allah has decreed, so all those half-Original names and unalike cultures you vampires advocate will get ran 2,200 miles for your attempted trespassing upon Allah's useful land! Do the Knowledge to what's being Born to you : You devils now have Allah's Sword above your heads. Clean yourself up or suffer the penalty! Know that all those not good in multiplying will be sent back.

To my beloved Nation of Gods and Earths, know that to come In The Name of Allah (or Earth) is an honor to be extremely proud of, and it is to be upheld and lived out with the utmost respect for Allah's values and principles, as entrusted to us. Our Family's Name can only be bestowed upon he who is in tune with the Divine Living Mind of the Asiatic Black man, and is made manifest through the will of he who is the Master builder of his own history or Qur'an, rewriting the history of the righteous by living Mathematics right and exact. Allah said "It all depends on the Gods" so lets never allow these unalike snakes and their weak and wicked ideas to benefit from Allah's Supreme life lessons. We must understand that these snakes cannot be reformed and must be murdered! And my Father taught me that the only way to truly murder the devil is to teach the Truth wherever I go! The reward shall righteously outweigh all the gold in the world.

So let's show and prove to these jewel-seeking, culture bandits that the honor and privilege of coming In The Name of Allah is indeed the Royal Title of Supreme (mental) Sovereignty that distinguishes the Gods from the frauds and the teachers from the preacher! Those of us that Understand the Equality of the Father will be Born alive. Those who don't shall be Born dead and will distill back to whence they came! Allah's Born are those of us with a sincerely righteous God State of Mind, who pay tribute and homage to the Father of the Nation of Gods and Earths by coming in his Supreme Name. As the only way to the Father is through the Sun, I, his Just and True Sun come In The Name of Allah. Allah-U-Akbar! Supreme Peace!!

Powerful Eyes of Allah Cee Everything

The Sun that's been entrusted with the Kees,

Scientific Born Allah



To all the True and Living writers and authors in Allah's Nation of Gods and Earths, NEVER stop expressing your Mathematics! Together we will write the devil out of history! I love you like I love myself. Peace!