Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Belly of the Beast


Peace to all the Gods and Earths,

I come in the Name of ALLAH, as ALLAH Education. Today's supreme mathematics be Wisdom Wisdom in the power month of Master Allah Why? = May, Freedom Culture A.W.M. Today we wisdom the wisdom that has been presented to us right and exact in order to personify our glorious culture of I-God. The Supreme Team of VA is a tight knit family of Gods who are about more than swift rhetoric, born you truth we are about the brotherhood that seems to have been lost throughout the miles that our mighty nation has traveled. As a team, the Truth of Equality which we were blessed with by the Supreme of all Beings, ALLAH, is what we constantly strive to Master in a righteous manner. My brothers and I have all gone through struggles together and banded together to face these obstacles time and time again. The times I speak of were while incarcerated in the VA DOC system. Now I, ALLAH Education, am the sole member of the Supreme Team of VA that is within the "free" cipher. This is a challenge that I face daily in the midst of maintaining self here in the "free"world. My duty is as with all Gods and Earths, "Teach them sun."-ALLAH... Yet now I am in a new aspect in which I must be the forerunner where my alike brothers are far and few between. I have married Gods unto ALLAH who have showed and proved to be eternal seeds like self, yet I find myself having to start fresh so to speak. Guess it is time to renew my history. I was taught we do this only by allowing our wisdom's power to manifest the understanding in the flesh and mind, borning Gods. I must wisdom this wisdom to show and prove my divinity or else another life dies while I procrastinate. We have a world to save, to all the Gods and Earths. I am going for the babies, on the playgrounds, at the bus stops, in the parks, and at the school events. I am the 22nd degree 1-40, I realize my equality to bring ALLAHs mathematics and alphabets to those they were meant for with full force. PEACE!!!

ALLAH Education
Supreme Team
of VA

Saturday, May 10, 2008


ALL PRAISES DUE TO ALLAH AND HIS RIGHT HAND MAN JUSTICE CEE.  The magnificent black and brown seeds who born the Nation of Gods and Earths, formerly known as the Five Percent Nation.  I come in the Name of ALLAH, as ALLAH Education.  Today's mathematics be Knowledge add a Cipher in the month of Master Allah Why, Freedom Culture A.W.M.  The Supreme Team of VA is a part and portion of the SUPREME TEAM(LLC) born by Lord Kalim ALLAH, of P-Medina(Philly).  We are currently in the process of becoming established here in VA.  Our first penetration was in the VA DOC system, now global via the internet.  Our mission is to "Let no one change or stop these teachings, sun!" as degreed by the 13th man to his First Born Sun, the Black Messiah.  This post be mathematically in tune because it be the day on which the Knowledge of who we are has been added to the Cipher of the world for all those interested.  The 10th degree in the 1-10 deals with other said nations... we are not other than the Nation of Gods and Earths born you truth, we are here to "clean up" that, which those with unalike ideas, have tried to mix, dilute, and tamper with.  It is an actual fact that the more popular Supreme Mathematics and Alphabets, along with the history including the Bomb, and Allah You Are the Greatest are not right and exact, whether due to their creators being miseducated or malicious intent.  My bloodline is SUPREME and traces me back to the Original Teacher, ALLAH so I ask all... Can you trace yourself back to ALLAH? If not, all that you have received need be re-evaluated by a qualified Doctor(28th degree 1-40) of our Nation in order for you to be properly married unto ALLAH, nursed back to health, and have all weak, wicked, colored, grafted, and/or unalike ideas cremated from your mental.  The Original Man(1st degree 1-10) is one(Knowledge) from which many came yet remain the same, so it be with US(the Universal Saviors).  We are born from the seventh angel, through the First Sun of Medina.  We know our history, so "when you cee US, teaching is taking place", to take a quote from the Supreme Team of VA's First Born, Lord Prince ALLAH.  I take and address all challenges, builds, and questions.  If I am not qualified to answer it will be sent to the Best Knower in that field.  More to come on the history of ALLAH and his nation, Supreme Team(LLC), and builds from all the Gods who ascend the cipher and stand on the square on the right hand of the Master himself.  PEACE

ALLAH Education
of Victory ALLAH