Tuesday, August 26, 2008


There were and are people who try to receive more gold looking outside themselves, not knowing and understanding the value of self. I am G.O.L.D. ( Genesis Of Life's Divinity) which is God-Allah, who always existed since the beginning that never began. Some see gold as the (Gain Of Large Dividends) or G.O.L.D. (Gain Of Lavish Desires). I know self value because I was given G.O.L.D. the (Golden Opportunity to Learn Directly) from the Supreme Team of Gods, through the graces of our Father-"Allah", who left us with the (Gifts Our Legacy Demonstrates) through his teachings. He gave our people the truth of self. The truth is that "we" are the gold because; (Gods Omnipotent Light Defines) everything in existence. Cee, it was (Gods Original Language & Dialect) that gave us the supreme keys to (Govern Our Lives Daily). Some individuals lack the knowledge and understanding of the 13th man, so they are lacking their gold. Their gold is (Going Opposite Life's Design). They are (Given Offers by Lures & Decoys). This is how the devil camouflages (Greed Obsession Lies & Deception). The latter 3 above usually derive from greed, and years since the (Guild of Oppression was Layed Down) by those who represent the lies and false (Glory Of Land Discovered) our people still mourn (Generations Of Lost Descendants) who were enslaved and brought over here to North America on (Galleons Over Long Distance). t seems our people are still being Shanghai'D for this trip. Those who haven't learned to swim the 9000 miles (Go Overboard Left Drowning) in the sea of ignorance. Some (Got Outcast, Lost, Deserted) and their (Graves & Obituaries Litter Deserts). Some (Grow Old Living Despair) or they are (Given Orders to Leave Disqualified).

Cee, now that we have the tools/keys to unlock the bondage of lies that keep our people blind to the truth of who are, things that used to be (Great Obstacles Lack Difficulty) no longer will we put (Gratification Over Life's Duty) or (Games Over Learning Diligently) no longer will we have our (Goals Obscured by Lustful Desires). We will focus on our Growth and Development because; (Growth Only Lifts & Develops), us as a people. We must (Go Out & Live Dignified).

Find your way with the teachings of Allah, because; (God Gives Out Lifelong Directions) in order to (Guide Our Lives Daily & Divinely). The choice is yours. You (Got One Last Decision) to make. (Go On Living in Denial) or you can (Graciously Obey the Law Declared).

Benevolent "Best Knower" Allah


Allah U Justice
I come to you in the highest form of love in the name of Allah and Justice, the two men I owe my all to for paving the way, so I can exist as the truth. I also greet you in our universal greetings of Peace.
We are in the month of build or destroy as the true and living understand it to be Allah U God, and the mathematical door can only be open with the proper key which is truth or square. On this day I exist as a true brown seed who's teaching righteousness, utilizing true healing that allow me to show equality under Allah's rightful existence that was decreed from the one. This is the prescribed law of that said person of this ability b-u-t it takes the pure of heart to cee God b-u-t you have to Be the pure heart in order to cee, so your cipher must be drawn up by the one in order for it to distill back upon your own cipher. Our Father is a pure example of how to exist as a cipher that demands truth, if you live as a lie its because your cipher exist in the second degree in the Student Enrollment. I came to the wilderness of Greensville by myself with a cipher of a miseducation that had my foundation unstable b-u-t the proper knowledge of Allah God was manifested by the Supreme Team who help me rise to my proper position in I-God as Allah who has the ability to cee through all cultures (2nd Actual Facts). We have the ability to govern any cipher as long as your wisdom is bond to your knowledge, and if its right and exact it will change any situation b-u-t you have to be a seed not a leaf for the simple fact a leaf does not have the power to replant itself, and rise up. A leaf only has the ability to flow with the winds (14th Meat Lesson), a seed has the potential to use fertile soil. Now Musa had a hard time civilizing the devil in the year 2000 B.C. Why? One reason is because he was not a seed, so therefore it made it hard on his behalf to plant something he was not. This is Universal Law ," A seed is a seed", like it or lump it. I leave this build the same way I entered, in the name if Allah and Justice, and in our universal greetings of Peace.
I love you like I love myself.
True Brown Seed
Supreme Born Equality Allah

Monday, August 25, 2008


Value- an amount regarded as fair equivalent for something especially goods or services. Material worth, worth in importance or usefulness to the possessor. A standard or principle regarded as desirable or worthwhile. To regard highly. To rate according to usefulness, importance or worth.

Valid- founded on truth or fact.

Asset- a valuable possession or quality: resource.

In the Name of ALLAH, the Host of Creation, do I greet you my beloved Nation on the Universal Greeting of "Peace". Peace to the Supreme Blackseed (Almighty Great God ALLAH for his magnetic wisdom and proper application of his Supreme Living Mathematics.. Which restored order to his falling Stars enabling them to regain their natural position being "Suns of ALLAH".

His most trustworthy key stated in the "Just-U-Now-Equal" edition of the Sun of Man (2007) pg#5..." Through many of these experiences we can turn them to "valued valid assets" to us as a nation of people".

This caused me to ask self what is a "valued valid assets? Could this be the key to Allah's-kingdom? I was instructed by a wise man that you cant honor a mans work until you understand his vision. His (Allah's) "vision" holds the value because it was/is and forever shall be rooted in the salvation of the human families.. He boldly proclaimed to his fast growing nation- "Education is the necessary means!!" Placing his Suns on the front line in our battle against ignorance. Taking those who lack the true value of self and showed them the beauty in our ascension into the "square" and from the square into Seven. What is the "value" of that you may ask. It allows you to rise above domination, deprivation, and oppression. Through the proper usage of our Universal Language we are in a unique position to rename the world. What's the value of our language? It is mathematically designed to show man his relationship with the "Universe". When it is spoken into the "ether" it vibrates with cosmic rhythm. Creating a magnetic disturbance that penetrates the veil of ignorance. Mentally the "receiver" undergoes a successive process of change. Which begins with self-assessment, self-acknowledgement, and self-realization. Through the "assessment" you will gain "knowledge", that eventually brings you to a point of "realization".

This is why we the Nation of Gods and Earths are a valued based "culture"!! Everything is rooted in "you" and your relationship with the universe (environment).

By understanding the above you can see the meaning of "valued- valid". Its totally "valid" because its founded on "truth". The "value" is determined by your willingness to accept and live according to it. "ALLAH" gave us the "truth" in the form of self-responsibility. It was valid then and its totally valid now!! Accept it or reject it and fall by the wayside!!

Our greatest "asset" as a Nation has been our ability to teach. We educate the masses who have lost their way with the knowledge of themselves. Causing them to activate dormant potential which is buried in their sub-conscious minds.

This in turn creates the condition which is termed "valued-valid-assets". Each individual becomes a resource to one another. Utilizing the key principle of - each one, teach one according to their own knowledge. Sharing our personal struggle as a means of prevention and upliftment.

We welcome you to become a "value-valid-asset" of our Nation. The "value" will be seen through the "Love, Hell, or Right" key. Its "valid" because of the Truth or "Square". Its an "asset" because we show you the beauty of Build or Destroy. Peace and Universal Greetings!!

Death Before Dishonor

Lord Prince ALLAH
VA's 1st Born
Supreme Team

Rule or Ruler

The 18th Supreme Alphabetical key is "R"= Rule or Ruler. This "key" represents the establishment of laws to govern your existence. What is a "Rule", and why are they needed? How does one become a wise and just Ruler? ALLAH, the Father with his infinite wisdom showed his "Suns" the Rules that govern his Power. It is totally up to us if we "knowledge"(1) the Build(8) and Destroy all self imposed limitation. We shall examine this key from a few angles to bring forth some understanding.

R-U-Living-Exactly with what you profess yourself to be? As a "Rule" of life your words have to be bonded to the things you do..

Using that as a foundation for healthy relationships. We have a vast amount of people who see no value in this "Rule" being applied to their lives. So they walk around pretending to be rooted in the "law"(Rule).

So the key further exposes a new jewel to help us grasp its true meaning, R-U-Learning-Every day? If not, you are allowing the devil to be settled on your best part which shows a lack of understanding. As a "Rule"- we the righteous people of the planet should spread civilization in the from of proper education.

As a "Ruler" of "Self", I have to live my life with exactness. This is me learning the necessary skills (knowledge or #1)- so that I may construct (Build #8) a determined structure.

We are taught in the 18th degree of the meat lesson "What is the duty of a civilized person?" A duty is an obligation that has to be met regardless to whom or what. Respect, Love, and Understanding are a few factors which compel individuals in the performance of their duty.

Rulers are tools for measurements, and a Ruler is a person exercising government or dominion. A Rule is a law or principle that operates within a particular sphere of knowledge, describing or prescribing what is possible or allowable.

The answer to the above question states- To teach the uncivilized people who are savages, civilization, righteousness, the knowledge of himself and the science of everything in life, Love, Peace, and Happiness.

So as a "Rule" you have to understand your duty. What type of condition you have to be in to perform it properly. What will be established as a result of it. What is the motivating factor that compels your actions to do it. What is the means through which the uncivilized will become civilized. Most importantly how will the science of life be demonstrated without words being spoken.

The Rule (Rules) and it takes a Ruler to enforce it so I conclude on this note R-U-Living-Exactly-Ruler!!

Death Before Dishonor
Lord Prince ALLAH
VA's 1st Born
Supreme Tean
Hon: Weldon Bunn

the Refinement of Power


Peace I come in the Name of ALLAH, as ALLAH Education. Todays mathematics is Wisdom Power, we are taught to add so it manifests Allah-God. "When you cee my wisdom you cee my power, and when you cee my power you cee my wisdom." The Supreme Wisdom that activates the Supreme Power is Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabets. Almighty God Allah delivered these 36 keys to his lost and found Five Percent in the year one. I am blessed to have been given life from the family of the seventh Sun; ABG#7 who borned Gykee Mathematics, who borned Lord Kalim, who borned Lord Prince, who borned Father Sun, who borned I, Allah Education. This lifeline shows and proves the origin of my teachings from the Supreme of all Beings being holy. That my teachings from this Nation have not been mixed, diluted, or tampered with in any form. "Teach the babies the basics, and let them go for self."-Allah. The basics are the history of our Nation and the 36 keys, yet it is a wonder how many or a majority of Gods and Earths do not have the history right and exact or the same mathematics and alphabets! This stems from brothers taking so-called plus lessons from Johnny Noname, and attending ciphers among Gods who don't even know and never will know their name. Then come in the Name of our Father as an authority over that which they do not know to confuse the confuse. Where is the Brotherhood established by Allah in that? There are 3 elders and 9 first born, whom Allah instilled himself in first. Although there are many righteous elders who have walked and talked with Allah, an introduction by some one must have taken place by a third party. It is through one of these 12 tribes that any and every True and Living God or Earth has the ability to restore their lifeline through to Allah. My introduction to Allah has been manifested through my lifeline. My Supreme Mathematics as taught by Allah to his seventh Sun is:
4.Culture or Freedom (when applied to 40 or more)
8.Build or Destroy
Every true brother of the seventh family knows this to be true. The Supreme Freedom is not given instantly, there is no refinement of our Supreme Power, and Allah is the Supreme name of God. To those who use such terminology in their mathematics I invite your challenge because only God can correct God. We can take our family trees to the first or second fruit born to cee the truth in the Supreme Wisdom because there lies the Supreme Power that magnetically attracts all the unalike to where they accept and enter the Seventh Heaven or reject only to distill to the depths of Hell. "One word can change a nation."- ABG#7. My beloved blackseed was/is right and exact. I was taught to "Let no one stop or change these teachings sun!" and stand firm on my square. I do not go with the flow because I Stimulate Life And Matter. And this is my Peace!

ALLAH Education

Supreme Team
Of Va

"Death Before Dishonor"

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Identity Crisis

My black nation is lost.

They don't know why they're here or their purpose for living, much less, they don't know who they are.

The journey to find self is not that far.

An identity crisis is keeping us in a condition of a made savage in the pursuit of happiness.

Stunting the growth of the children making them settle for less.

Not knowing the origin of self causes confusion.

White kids wanting to be black kids, black kids wanting to be white living out an illusion.

People wanna be everybody but themselves.

But who is to blame?

We were made other than ourselves.

This is an identity crisis.

Our people were forced to pick cotton, forced to pick tobacco, and forced to pick rice.

My black women were raped and taken out of their original state of being Earth.

An identity crisis keeps them from knowing the value of self and how much they're worth.


My black brother were beaten in front of the mother and the child to destroy the make image and reverse natural law.

An inability to identify this as a major flaw.

Women wanna be men and men become transvestites.

Women intertwining with each other wanting to be dikes.

We have an identity crisis on our hands.

It wan in the Devils plan to plant fear through out the land.

Who is the Original Man?

If you don't know the answer to this question

You will miss life's greatest lesson.

Knowing who you are is life's greatest blessing.

Written by:
Dominant Asiatic Savior Allah

Supreme Team

Material Things

My people like the Devil because the Devil gives them nothing like material things, diamond rings, cars and clothes, platinum and gold.

Not looking at each other as equal is the demise of my people.

What makes you better than me because your car looks better than mine?

I aint't no better than you because I keep money in my pocket all the time.

This slave's way of thinking got us in deep trouble because the Devil got us seeing double.

He's using material things to keep us from seeing the You in I and the I in You.

The whole time we're being played like some damn fools.

Being used as a slave and a damn tool.

After the separation then comes the annihilation.

After the nurse does his/her duty then comes the cremation.

But little does the ignorant know that you set fire to your own ass when you lust after material things like diamond rings, platinum and gold, cars and clothes.

Not to mention my beautiful black sisters who are classified as hoes.

When you sell your body you sell your soul.

Material things is nothing.

You was born without it, and you're gonna die without it.

Huh, I guess that's the reason why it ain't nothing.

Written by:
Dominant Asiatic Savior Allah

Supreme Team

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Substance Abuse

Substance is defined as matter of a particular constitution or kind; the most basic or important part; actuality or reality. Abuse is to improperly use; misuse or misapply; to harm pr injure by maltreatment or misappropriation. Therefore, the reality of the matter of substance abuse in our beloved Nation of Gods and Earths goes far beyond the stimulation of the mind and body with foreign substances, such as drugs and alcohol. Because while many of us do abuse different substances, experimenting with high explosives, many of is do not. However, the most dangerous substances, experimenting with high explosives, many of us do not. However, the most dangerous substances being abused by many that can cause just as much, if not more, harm as any drug or alcoholic beverage are the highly addictive behaviorisms selfishness and denial that are the uncontrolled substances running rampart throughout our Nation.

The prefix "sub-" denotes something that is under or beneath; less than complete or normal; nearly or almost. Stance is one's position, and emotional or intellectual attitude. As such, we can clearly cee that our sub-stance is directly linked to our underlining thoughts and ideas. Our feelings, whatever they may be, lay just beneath the surface of our personalities and define our character according to our response and/or activation of our emotions and defines who we are as Gods and Earths, Original Men and Women striving to live Allah's Mathematics as righteously as he showed us to. Thus, the substance of who O am as a person, as part of my community and a part of this Nation can only be measured by the reality I live out in my everyday life. Because first I write my history in my mind and heart, then I live it out. So when I make a conscious decision to indulge in extra-curricular activities, like substance abuse of any kind, that're clearly detrimental to my well being, it is a clear manifestation of my underlining selfish thoughts being expressed. This simply my subconscious denial, refusing to deal with the reality of life. Because regardless of whom or what once the foggy haze of denial passes and my senses recover from the abuse I've inflicted upon myself, I must still deal with the actuality that everything is real. Whether I accept it or reject it, no amount of substance abuse will ever change this reality of life.

This substance abuse goes far beyond the abuse of drugs and alcohol in our Nation because there are many Gods and Earths that do not indulge in such activities, such as myself, yet continually abuse the substance of one's character with the same selfish denial of a drug addict or alcoholic. I, myself, was once drunk off of so-called "Plus Lessons"! Intoxicated off of someone else's understanding, denying to myself that I was punch drunk off words. Compounded by the fact that I was high off my own selfish feeling of superiority over those that worship a mystery God, continually impaired by my own ego. I was also once selfishly hooked on pointing out the flaws of others while ignorantly denying my own. All of which led to my addiction of trying ( and failing!) to show and prove to others my Power before I could truly show and prove it to myself. Have any of you ever experimented with these high explosive as well?

Well my name is God Scientific Born in the Name of Allah and I'm a recovering addict from the above mentioned substances. My own selfishness, grandiose ideas, denial and also my severe misunderstanding of Allah's teachings once led me to be the most weak and wicked, blind, deaf and dumb 85%er I've ever encountered! And at that time, I had Knowledge of our Lessons. Worse yet, my main victim was myself! Continually denying to myself that I was addicted to these selfish behaviorisms only increased the abuse of the substance of my character, the origin of which was foreign ideas penetrating my thoughts and being made manifest through my ways and actions. Yet my denial was so severe that I was too selfish to even attempt to change my ways. After all, I'm God, and isn't God supposed to be perfect??

The 13th Degree from the 13th Man (the Master!) states that "many of them (N.G.E.) recovered from it (substance abuse), b.u.t. they were not physically dead (from the drugs and alcohol) only mentally dead (from selfishness and denial)". How many of us are truly on the road to recovery? A wise God taught me that the first step toward any type of recovery? A wise God taught me that the first step toward any type of recovery is to admit I have a problem. Which for me was the biggest obstacle impeding my growth and development. How many of us have been brutally honest with ourselves and have admitted our substance abuse? Particularly addicts like myself, whose substance abuse cannot be detected by the naked eye? Be mindful that an alcoholic or drug addict can be assisted by others should they choose to accept it, b.u.t. how many halfway houses, treatment facilities and/or support groups are there for selfish people in denial of their own selfishness? I only know of one, sponsored by the Greatest Man and his Just and True Suns. (smile)

Yes, selfishness and it's denial are highly addictive substances who's abuse are fueled by our own narcissistic (narcotic!) want for praise and admiration, as well as the social approval of others. Which in humble moderation are actually a healthy part of the process of growth and development . However, we must continually ask ourselves, "Praise from whom?" As well as, "Admiration for what? At what cost?" Because only the best things in life are free, and I was taught that understanding is the Best Part! We have been blessed with the greatest living example of Supreme Mathematics through the life and demonstration of Almighty God Allah himself, to whom all praise and admiration are due to now and forevermore. Yet many attempt to abuse the substance of hos Supreme character with our own selfish ideas and unalike behaviorisms, all the while "saying" we are God or Earth. Do you cee the contradiction? I did, now I know better, so I do better! Allah gave his all so that we may live, because when he said "I am Allah" the whole world was against him! Yet he unselfishly gave all that he had and all within his Power to show and prove to the world that the Blackman is the True and Living God of the Universe, and that his Supreme values and principals of Living Mathematics and Living Alphabets are the kees to rise above our putrid conditions (both mentally and physically) and be the Gods and Earths he empowered us to be! His substance is what matters the most in my particular constitution, and it is never to be abused!! Is that an actuality in your reality as well??

As I rewrite my history daily I ask myself, "When was the last time I performed an act of selflessness?" When was the last time I took and introspective look at myself and admitted that I am not perfect in every way? Allah's Mathematics are perfect! "When did I begin applying them to my life?" Remember, Allah said "You can't be just right, you have to be right and exact!" So it takes the right and exact application of his Supreme life lessons for us to be able to recognize and break the negative cipher of inequality of our own selfish denial of our shortcomings and character flaws and defects, before we could ever begin to speak about and teach others about their ways and actions. I learned the hard way that when I point my finger at someone else, I have three of my own fingers pointing right back at me!! (laughter)

So I conclude by saying that we must utilize patience and UNDERSTANDING with those that choose to indulge in and/or abuse drugs and alcohol, as well as their advocates and the message they bring. Especially those of us that're so quick to say "I am sober" because we don't use foreign stimulants. Are we really? Do we still have a substance abuse problem despite our abstinence of other stimulants? I know I did !! What about you? Also, know that the mere use of drugs and alcohol does not constitute abuse, so before we are so quick to judge another and formulate our own premature thoughts and opinions about their ways and actions, let's take that introspective look at our self and cee if our stance is bellow Allah's standards of righteousness or not? Allah was no holy man, he came to the forgotten street youth of that time and made them the Gods of all eternity! So never think drugs and alcohol make any one less God or Earth. Allah didn't advocate that type of judgemental , prejudicial type of life. To do so is a manifestation of our own selfish views, choosing to ignore the plight of others, essentially denying them their birthright as part of our Universal Family. That's not Allah's teachings!! As a wise God once said "How do you know you're God if you ain't ever been through nothing?"

I was taught the science of Supreme Brother hood, to love you all just as Allah loves us all, regardless of whom or what! However, when you choose to reject this Truth as given by Allah, then YOU are denying your own birthright and will never be A-like me and my Supreme Brother and Sister!! As Allah would say, "I love those who love me". And I, his Just and True Sun feel the same way! Allah's infinite substance will never be abused as long as we continually strive to walk in his grace and mercy, just as he taught us to. So please think about that before calling yourself "sober" and criticizing another, because we're not that different if we look beyond face value (7*: 1-14?). Mathematics are right and exact regardless of time or place ! So from one recovering addict (Asiatic!) to another, I will we all are too! I love you like I love myself. Allah-U-Akbar!! Supreme Peace!!

Progressively Evolving Allah's Cultural Expressions!

Allah's Just and True Sun,

Scientific Born Allah

Supreme Team