Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Allah U Justice
I come to you in the highest form of love in the name of Allah and Justice, the two men I owe my all to for paving the way, so I can exist as the truth. I also greet you in our universal greetings of Peace.
We are in the month of build or destroy as the true and living understand it to be Allah U God, and the mathematical door can only be open with the proper key which is truth or square. On this day I exist as a true brown seed who's teaching righteousness, utilizing true healing that allow me to show equality under Allah's rightful existence that was decreed from the one. This is the prescribed law of that said person of this ability b-u-t it takes the pure of heart to cee God b-u-t you have to Be the pure heart in order to cee, so your cipher must be drawn up by the one in order for it to distill back upon your own cipher. Our Father is a pure example of how to exist as a cipher that demands truth, if you live as a lie its because your cipher exist in the second degree in the Student Enrollment. I came to the wilderness of Greensville by myself with a cipher of a miseducation that had my foundation unstable b-u-t the proper knowledge of Allah God was manifested by the Supreme Team who help me rise to my proper position in I-God as Allah who has the ability to cee through all cultures (2nd Actual Facts). We have the ability to govern any cipher as long as your wisdom is bond to your knowledge, and if its right and exact it will change any situation b-u-t you have to be a seed not a leaf for the simple fact a leaf does not have the power to replant itself, and rise up. A leaf only has the ability to flow with the winds (14th Meat Lesson), a seed has the potential to use fertile soil. Now Musa had a hard time civilizing the devil in the year 2000 B.C. Why? One reason is because he was not a seed, so therefore it made it hard on his behalf to plant something he was not. This is Universal Law ," A seed is a seed", like it or lump it. I leave this build the same way I entered, in the name if Allah and Justice, and in our universal greetings of Peace.
I love you like I love myself.
True Brown Seed
Supreme Born Equality Allah

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