Saturday, August 16, 2008

Material Things

My people like the Devil because the Devil gives them nothing like material things, diamond rings, cars and clothes, platinum and gold.

Not looking at each other as equal is the demise of my people.

What makes you better than me because your car looks better than mine?

I aint't no better than you because I keep money in my pocket all the time.

This slave's way of thinking got us in deep trouble because the Devil got us seeing double.

He's using material things to keep us from seeing the You in I and the I in You.

The whole time we're being played like some damn fools.

Being used as a slave and a damn tool.

After the separation then comes the annihilation.

After the nurse does his/her duty then comes the cremation.

But little does the ignorant know that you set fire to your own ass when you lust after material things like diamond rings, platinum and gold, cars and clothes.

Not to mention my beautiful black sisters who are classified as hoes.

When you sell your body you sell your soul.

Material things is nothing.

You was born without it, and you're gonna die without it.

Huh, I guess that's the reason why it ain't nothing.

Written by:
Dominant Asiatic Savior Allah

Supreme Team

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