Tuesday, August 26, 2008


There were and are people who try to receive more gold looking outside themselves, not knowing and understanding the value of self. I am G.O.L.D. ( Genesis Of Life's Divinity) which is God-Allah, who always existed since the beginning that never began. Some see gold as the (Gain Of Large Dividends) or G.O.L.D. (Gain Of Lavish Desires). I know self value because I was given G.O.L.D. the (Golden Opportunity to Learn Directly) from the Supreme Team of Gods, through the graces of our Father-"Allah", who left us with the (Gifts Our Legacy Demonstrates) through his teachings. He gave our people the truth of self. The truth is that "we" are the gold because; (Gods Omnipotent Light Defines) everything in existence. Cee, it was (Gods Original Language & Dialect) that gave us the supreme keys to (Govern Our Lives Daily). Some individuals lack the knowledge and understanding of the 13th man, so they are lacking their gold. Their gold is (Going Opposite Life's Design). They are (Given Offers by Lures & Decoys). This is how the devil camouflages (Greed Obsession Lies & Deception). The latter 3 above usually derive from greed, and years since the (Guild of Oppression was Layed Down) by those who represent the lies and false (Glory Of Land Discovered) our people still mourn (Generations Of Lost Descendants) who were enslaved and brought over here to North America on (Galleons Over Long Distance). t seems our people are still being Shanghai'D for this trip. Those who haven't learned to swim the 9000 miles (Go Overboard Left Drowning) in the sea of ignorance. Some (Got Outcast, Lost, Deserted) and their (Graves & Obituaries Litter Deserts). Some (Grow Old Living Despair) or they are (Given Orders to Leave Disqualified).

Cee, now that we have the tools/keys to unlock the bondage of lies that keep our people blind to the truth of who are, things that used to be (Great Obstacles Lack Difficulty) no longer will we put (Gratification Over Life's Duty) or (Games Over Learning Diligently) no longer will we have our (Goals Obscured by Lustful Desires). We will focus on our Growth and Development because; (Growth Only Lifts & Develops), us as a people. We must (Go Out & Live Dignified).

Find your way with the teachings of Allah, because; (God Gives Out Lifelong Directions) in order to (Guide Our Lives Daily & Divinely). The choice is yours. You (Got One Last Decision) to make. (Go On Living in Denial) or you can (Graciously Obey the Law Declared).

Benevolent "Best Knower" Allah

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