Monday, August 25, 2008

Rule or Ruler

The 18th Supreme Alphabetical key is "R"= Rule or Ruler. This "key" represents the establishment of laws to govern your existence. What is a "Rule", and why are they needed? How does one become a wise and just Ruler? ALLAH, the Father with his infinite wisdom showed his "Suns" the Rules that govern his Power. It is totally up to us if we "knowledge"(1) the Build(8) and Destroy all self imposed limitation. We shall examine this key from a few angles to bring forth some understanding.

R-U-Living-Exactly with what you profess yourself to be? As a "Rule" of life your words have to be bonded to the things you do..

Using that as a foundation for healthy relationships. We have a vast amount of people who see no value in this "Rule" being applied to their lives. So they walk around pretending to be rooted in the "law"(Rule).

So the key further exposes a new jewel to help us grasp its true meaning, R-U-Learning-Every day? If not, you are allowing the devil to be settled on your best part which shows a lack of understanding. As a "Rule"- we the righteous people of the planet should spread civilization in the from of proper education.

As a "Ruler" of "Self", I have to live my life with exactness. This is me learning the necessary skills (knowledge or #1)- so that I may construct (Build #8) a determined structure.

We are taught in the 18th degree of the meat lesson "What is the duty of a civilized person?" A duty is an obligation that has to be met regardless to whom or what. Respect, Love, and Understanding are a few factors which compel individuals in the performance of their duty.

Rulers are tools for measurements, and a Ruler is a person exercising government or dominion. A Rule is a law or principle that operates within a particular sphere of knowledge, describing or prescribing what is possible or allowable.

The answer to the above question states- To teach the uncivilized people who are savages, civilization, righteousness, the knowledge of himself and the science of everything in life, Love, Peace, and Happiness.

So as a "Rule" you have to understand your duty. What type of condition you have to be in to perform it properly. What will be established as a result of it. What is the motivating factor that compels your actions to do it. What is the means through which the uncivilized will become civilized. Most importantly how will the science of life be demonstrated without words being spoken.

The Rule (Rules) and it takes a Ruler to enforce it so I conclude on this note R-U-Living-Exactly-Ruler!!

Death Before Dishonor
Lord Prince ALLAH
VA's 1st Born
Supreme Tean
Hon: Weldon Bunn

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