Monday, August 25, 2008


Value- an amount regarded as fair equivalent for something especially goods or services. Material worth, worth in importance or usefulness to the possessor. A standard or principle regarded as desirable or worthwhile. To regard highly. To rate according to usefulness, importance or worth.

Valid- founded on truth or fact.

Asset- a valuable possession or quality: resource.

In the Name of ALLAH, the Host of Creation, do I greet you my beloved Nation on the Universal Greeting of "Peace". Peace to the Supreme Blackseed (Almighty Great God ALLAH for his magnetic wisdom and proper application of his Supreme Living Mathematics.. Which restored order to his falling Stars enabling them to regain their natural position being "Suns of ALLAH".

His most trustworthy key stated in the "Just-U-Now-Equal" edition of the Sun of Man (2007) pg#5..." Through many of these experiences we can turn them to "valued valid assets" to us as a nation of people".

This caused me to ask self what is a "valued valid assets? Could this be the key to Allah's-kingdom? I was instructed by a wise man that you cant honor a mans work until you understand his vision. His (Allah's) "vision" holds the value because it was/is and forever shall be rooted in the salvation of the human families.. He boldly proclaimed to his fast growing nation- "Education is the necessary means!!" Placing his Suns on the front line in our battle against ignorance. Taking those who lack the true value of self and showed them the beauty in our ascension into the "square" and from the square into Seven. What is the "value" of that you may ask. It allows you to rise above domination, deprivation, and oppression. Through the proper usage of our Universal Language we are in a unique position to rename the world. What's the value of our language? It is mathematically designed to show man his relationship with the "Universe". When it is spoken into the "ether" it vibrates with cosmic rhythm. Creating a magnetic disturbance that penetrates the veil of ignorance. Mentally the "receiver" undergoes a successive process of change. Which begins with self-assessment, self-acknowledgement, and self-realization. Through the "assessment" you will gain "knowledge", that eventually brings you to a point of "realization".

This is why we the Nation of Gods and Earths are a valued based "culture"!! Everything is rooted in "you" and your relationship with the universe (environment).

By understanding the above you can see the meaning of "valued- valid". Its totally "valid" because its founded on "truth". The "value" is determined by your willingness to accept and live according to it. "ALLAH" gave us the "truth" in the form of self-responsibility. It was valid then and its totally valid now!! Accept it or reject it and fall by the wayside!!

Our greatest "asset" as a Nation has been our ability to teach. We educate the masses who have lost their way with the knowledge of themselves. Causing them to activate dormant potential which is buried in their sub-conscious minds.

This in turn creates the condition which is termed "valued-valid-assets". Each individual becomes a resource to one another. Utilizing the key principle of - each one, teach one according to their own knowledge. Sharing our personal struggle as a means of prevention and upliftment.

We welcome you to become a "value-valid-asset" of our Nation. The "value" will be seen through the "Love, Hell, or Right" key. Its "valid" because of the Truth or "Square". Its an "asset" because we show you the beauty of Build or Destroy. Peace and Universal Greetings!!

Death Before Dishonor

Lord Prince ALLAH
VA's 1st Born
Supreme Team

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