Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Substance Abuse

Substance is defined as matter of a particular constitution or kind; the most basic or important part; actuality or reality. Abuse is to improperly use; misuse or misapply; to harm pr injure by maltreatment or misappropriation. Therefore, the reality of the matter of substance abuse in our beloved Nation of Gods and Earths goes far beyond the stimulation of the mind and body with foreign substances, such as drugs and alcohol. Because while many of us do abuse different substances, experimenting with high explosives, many of is do not. However, the most dangerous substances, experimenting with high explosives, many of us do not. However, the most dangerous substances being abused by many that can cause just as much, if not more, harm as any drug or alcoholic beverage are the highly addictive behaviorisms selfishness and denial that are the uncontrolled substances running rampart throughout our Nation.

The prefix "sub-" denotes something that is under or beneath; less than complete or normal; nearly or almost. Stance is one's position, and emotional or intellectual attitude. As such, we can clearly cee that our sub-stance is directly linked to our underlining thoughts and ideas. Our feelings, whatever they may be, lay just beneath the surface of our personalities and define our character according to our response and/or activation of our emotions and defines who we are as Gods and Earths, Original Men and Women striving to live Allah's Mathematics as righteously as he showed us to. Thus, the substance of who O am as a person, as part of my community and a part of this Nation can only be measured by the reality I live out in my everyday life. Because first I write my history in my mind and heart, then I live it out. So when I make a conscious decision to indulge in extra-curricular activities, like substance abuse of any kind, that're clearly detrimental to my well being, it is a clear manifestation of my underlining selfish thoughts being expressed. This simply my subconscious denial, refusing to deal with the reality of life. Because regardless of whom or what once the foggy haze of denial passes and my senses recover from the abuse I've inflicted upon myself, I must still deal with the actuality that everything is real. Whether I accept it or reject it, no amount of substance abuse will ever change this reality of life.

This substance abuse goes far beyond the abuse of drugs and alcohol in our Nation because there are many Gods and Earths that do not indulge in such activities, such as myself, yet continually abuse the substance of one's character with the same selfish denial of a drug addict or alcoholic. I, myself, was once drunk off of so-called "Plus Lessons"! Intoxicated off of someone else's understanding, denying to myself that I was punch drunk off words. Compounded by the fact that I was high off my own selfish feeling of superiority over those that worship a mystery God, continually impaired by my own ego. I was also once selfishly hooked on pointing out the flaws of others while ignorantly denying my own. All of which led to my addiction of trying ( and failing!) to show and prove to others my Power before I could truly show and prove it to myself. Have any of you ever experimented with these high explosive as well?

Well my name is God Scientific Born in the Name of Allah and I'm a recovering addict from the above mentioned substances. My own selfishness, grandiose ideas, denial and also my severe misunderstanding of Allah's teachings once led me to be the most weak and wicked, blind, deaf and dumb 85%er I've ever encountered! And at that time, I had Knowledge of our Lessons. Worse yet, my main victim was myself! Continually denying to myself that I was addicted to these selfish behaviorisms only increased the abuse of the substance of my character, the origin of which was foreign ideas penetrating my thoughts and being made manifest through my ways and actions. Yet my denial was so severe that I was too selfish to even attempt to change my ways. After all, I'm God, and isn't God supposed to be perfect??

The 13th Degree from the 13th Man (the Master!) states that "many of them (N.G.E.) recovered from it (substance abuse), b.u.t. they were not physically dead (from the drugs and alcohol) only mentally dead (from selfishness and denial)". How many of us are truly on the road to recovery? A wise God taught me that the first step toward any type of recovery? A wise God taught me that the first step toward any type of recovery is to admit I have a problem. Which for me was the biggest obstacle impeding my growth and development. How many of us have been brutally honest with ourselves and have admitted our substance abuse? Particularly addicts like myself, whose substance abuse cannot be detected by the naked eye? Be mindful that an alcoholic or drug addict can be assisted by others should they choose to accept it, b.u.t. how many halfway houses, treatment facilities and/or support groups are there for selfish people in denial of their own selfishness? I only know of one, sponsored by the Greatest Man and his Just and True Suns. (smile)

Yes, selfishness and it's denial are highly addictive substances who's abuse are fueled by our own narcissistic (narcotic!) want for praise and admiration, as well as the social approval of others. Which in humble moderation are actually a healthy part of the process of growth and development . However, we must continually ask ourselves, "Praise from whom?" As well as, "Admiration for what? At what cost?" Because only the best things in life are free, and I was taught that understanding is the Best Part! We have been blessed with the greatest living example of Supreme Mathematics through the life and demonstration of Almighty God Allah himself, to whom all praise and admiration are due to now and forevermore. Yet many attempt to abuse the substance of hos Supreme character with our own selfish ideas and unalike behaviorisms, all the while "saying" we are God or Earth. Do you cee the contradiction? I did, now I know better, so I do better! Allah gave his all so that we may live, because when he said "I am Allah" the whole world was against him! Yet he unselfishly gave all that he had and all within his Power to show and prove to the world that the Blackman is the True and Living God of the Universe, and that his Supreme values and principals of Living Mathematics and Living Alphabets are the kees to rise above our putrid conditions (both mentally and physically) and be the Gods and Earths he empowered us to be! His substance is what matters the most in my particular constitution, and it is never to be abused!! Is that an actuality in your reality as well??

As I rewrite my history daily I ask myself, "When was the last time I performed an act of selflessness?" When was the last time I took and introspective look at myself and admitted that I am not perfect in every way? Allah's Mathematics are perfect! "When did I begin applying them to my life?" Remember, Allah said "You can't be just right, you have to be right and exact!" So it takes the right and exact application of his Supreme life lessons for us to be able to recognize and break the negative cipher of inequality of our own selfish denial of our shortcomings and character flaws and defects, before we could ever begin to speak about and teach others about their ways and actions. I learned the hard way that when I point my finger at someone else, I have three of my own fingers pointing right back at me!! (laughter)

So I conclude by saying that we must utilize patience and UNDERSTANDING with those that choose to indulge in and/or abuse drugs and alcohol, as well as their advocates and the message they bring. Especially those of us that're so quick to say "I am sober" because we don't use foreign stimulants. Are we really? Do we still have a substance abuse problem despite our abstinence of other stimulants? I know I did !! What about you? Also, know that the mere use of drugs and alcohol does not constitute abuse, so before we are so quick to judge another and formulate our own premature thoughts and opinions about their ways and actions, let's take that introspective look at our self and cee if our stance is bellow Allah's standards of righteousness or not? Allah was no holy man, he came to the forgotten street youth of that time and made them the Gods of all eternity! So never think drugs and alcohol make any one less God or Earth. Allah didn't advocate that type of judgemental , prejudicial type of life. To do so is a manifestation of our own selfish views, choosing to ignore the plight of others, essentially denying them their birthright as part of our Universal Family. That's not Allah's teachings!! As a wise God once said "How do you know you're God if you ain't ever been through nothing?"

I was taught the science of Supreme Brother hood, to love you all just as Allah loves us all, regardless of whom or what! However, when you choose to reject this Truth as given by Allah, then YOU are denying your own birthright and will never be A-like me and my Supreme Brother and Sister!! As Allah would say, "I love those who love me". And I, his Just and True Sun feel the same way! Allah's infinite substance will never be abused as long as we continually strive to walk in his grace and mercy, just as he taught us to. So please think about that before calling yourself "sober" and criticizing another, because we're not that different if we look beyond face value (7*: 1-14?). Mathematics are right and exact regardless of time or place ! So from one recovering addict (Asiatic!) to another, I will we all are too! I love you like I love myself. Allah-U-Akbar!! Supreme Peace!!

Progressively Evolving Allah's Cultural Expressions!

Allah's Just and True Sun,

Scientific Born Allah

Supreme Team

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