Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Wrong Foods: Swine

Allah U Justice
I come in the Name of Allah, as Allah Education. Today's mathematics is Understanding Cipher, in the month of Just Us Love Youth, Freedom Culture AWM. In dealing with today's rule and regulation we are experiencing the past, present, and future of self. Understanding can be broken down with three foundations of past, present, and future; which added on to self gives Allah the ability to be the all ceeing eye which all eye cees. My mistakes of yesterday do not have to be my mistakes of today, and will not be my mistakes of tomorrow. We bring all this together because they are all interdependent on each other. To move one without the other is like trying to have daylight without the sun, you just left in darkness. The 30th 1-40 deals with the separation through the control of the Original Mans cipher which brought forth the Devil. Likewise to move without utilizing hindsight, sight, and foresight only brings about the opportunity for obstacles to become lifetime problems. There are many brothers and sisters who as slaves of mental death and power, will never feel the freedom from the Devil because they neglected to allow the knowledge of themselves to be absorbed into their mind. Mathematics deals with adding on whether through addition or multiplication. Take the 10th 1-36 multiplied by 3rd 1-36 all being born to 30th 1-36, so we dealing with the wrong foods being fed to a people who were brought to a strange location with the understanding of self born dead to them and then left with hard times, nakedness, hunger, and the out of doors. This is the state from which the blind, deaf, and dumb is coming from. So we as the poor righteous teachers must understand their cipher in order for their cipher to born the Supreme Understanding which we deliver. Check my math it is always right and exact. This concept applies to our own 85% within the 5%. Although a brother may not deal in poison animal flesh we all know one who behaves uncivilized, and is under the power of the Devil in some way, shape, or form. A lot of times these are the young in mind who never experienced the rites of passage in gaining the knowledge of self, or the old who have grown weary and tired. Notice I did not say elder because an elder of Allah's vision has matured to show and prove each and everyday in each and every way that Allah is the God, always has been always will be. All praises due to the Gatekeepers who forever stand watch and provide guidance and the occasional ass whipping to 85% in our Nation. May my generation and brothers who have bear witnessed to I as being God be as strong as those who came before us. There still remain Jive Percenters and Five Pretenders who act as cancers in our midst, born u truth my doctors, ministers, nurses, and cremators are administering accordingly. If you teaching what Allah never taught you will be exposed as to where the origin of your falsehood comes from because if the origin is not Allah it does not exist! If you are curious about the history of this great Nation forget that third party history which has been mixed, diluted, and tampered with. I was taught to "Teach it as it is given to you.", if not you leave the room for error. And that's PEACE!
Allah Education
Supreme Team
of VA

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