Sunday, July 13, 2008

Brotherhood and the Legacy of Allah

Allah U Justice


Todays mathematics be knowledge understanding in the month of Just Us Love Youth, Freedom Culture AWM. In this month we have our annual children's day in the heart of now why, medina. This is the Allah-God month, and being that my Supreme Bloodline is traced through the veins of medina I have decided that brother hood and our legacy is and always will be the subject at hand. The need for the Supreme Team was born in the confusion that came about as brothers began to stray from the foundation of Living Mathematics. I say Living Mathematics because we knew all our eight point lessons but couldn't manifest our ways in accordance with them by simply unifying as one as our Nations history has showed us how to do. If on the average you find yourself surrounded by more 85ers than 5ers, and you are not striving to teach them, then realize you are not Living Mathematics. Our greatest example is Allah himself, everywhere he went he kicked all the wat live right and exact. This was mirrored by his Suns who stayed together as a unified force to show and prove Allah is God, always has been always will be. In these days in times many of us lack this Supreme Brotherhood, and it shows because if I ask you to trace yourself back to the Original Teacher, and you are unable to show and prove your lifeline to Allah, then brother somewhere along the line you were miseducated because the brotherhood was lost in your education. If you don't know where youre coming from then how the hell are you going to know where youre going? We say know your history blackman but do you know your history as God or Earth? Only those who can trace themselves back to one of the 12 tribes can answer this question affirmatively. Without the knowledge of our brotherhood there is no legacy! What you are left with is heresay of who and what Allah was/is/ and forever shall be which is the reason for so much controversy over topics such as Are we Muslims?, Can your power be refined?, and Why do many still hold muslim names?. Half of us don't even have the same Mathematics and Alphabets, which is a direct result of the brotherhood being lost. The Mathematics and the Alphabets are the legacy that we pass on to our seeds as Allah passed on to his, and if yours are not right and exact then your legacy and Allah's legacy fail to be one in the same. So who are you? Supreme Team has been blessed through the blood of the seventh angel and Gods Kee to have our lifeline to Allah, and we refuse to allow anyone to stop or change these teachings which have been degreed by Allah and witnessed in person by our predecessors, ABG#7 and Gykee Mathematics Allah. The father of Supreme Team saw the need, as does every member of our Team, for a clean-up crew to do away with all the swine that Jive Pretenders have fed to the unknown brothers and sisters asking why in the zig zag zig of these times. Peace.

Allah Education
Supreme Team
"Death Before Dishonor"
-ALLAH Education and God Kundalini Isa ALLAH: above right

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