Friday, July 11, 2008

Supreme Focus



I come in the Name of Allah, as Allah Education. This is the knowledge knowledge day in the moon cycle of Jew U Lie Why?, Freedom Culture AWM. I cee today's mathematics of knowledge knowledge all being born to wisdom as the connection of two seperate but equal ideas or thoughts to manifest a better direction. In order to have direction you must have movement to follow that said plan. ABG#7 stated,"That there is no direction greater than Allah." He was/is right and exact. When one enters this way of life they bond themselves to the vision of Allah which is that of the Supreme and Universal order of life. We know this order to be manifested in our written law of Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabets. Living Mathematics only becomes a reality once 1 has knowledged the knowldege of this cipher. To walk and talk, showing proving mathematics in no limit of time is the result of a Supreme connection in the chamber of knowledge knowledge. Todays degree in the 1-14 deals with a bond. Our word is all that we have to bond us as brpothers is the Nation of Gods and Earths, so if you aren't speaking mathematics then you aren't speaking to I-God. A large number of my Supreme Team family is incarcerated throughout the DOC systems throughout Amerikkka. So the pen and paper is our bond to one another. The Father of our Team is Lord Kalim Allah, who I had the pleasure of receiving a scribe from. I was informed that my agenda is and forever shall be to uphold my word, and I shall. In response I let my brother know that"I may be late but never absent."(Smile) Supreme congratulations to my righteous sister Queen Quedith Earth for making the U.S. Olympic Team. You are the embodiement of what our Father, Allah, wants for us. Never stop, because we know no limitations as Gods and Earths, equality is our very nature. Meaning we are who we are and are not trying to be anyone else. Also Supreme congratulations to my righteous brother Self Allah for making it home from the belly of the beast, strive for continued perfection in the Name of Allah. Peace.

Allah Education
Supreme Team
"Death Before Dishonr"

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