Monday, August 25, 2008

the Refinement of Power


Peace I come in the Name of ALLAH, as ALLAH Education. Todays mathematics is Wisdom Power, we are taught to add so it manifests Allah-God. "When you cee my wisdom you cee my power, and when you cee my power you cee my wisdom." The Supreme Wisdom that activates the Supreme Power is Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabets. Almighty God Allah delivered these 36 keys to his lost and found Five Percent in the year one. I am blessed to have been given life from the family of the seventh Sun; ABG#7 who borned Gykee Mathematics, who borned Lord Kalim, who borned Lord Prince, who borned Father Sun, who borned I, Allah Education. This lifeline shows and proves the origin of my teachings from the Supreme of all Beings being holy. That my teachings from this Nation have not been mixed, diluted, or tampered with in any form. "Teach the babies the basics, and let them go for self."-Allah. The basics are the history of our Nation and the 36 keys, yet it is a wonder how many or a majority of Gods and Earths do not have the history right and exact or the same mathematics and alphabets! This stems from brothers taking so-called plus lessons from Johnny Noname, and attending ciphers among Gods who don't even know and never will know their name. Then come in the Name of our Father as an authority over that which they do not know to confuse the confuse. Where is the Brotherhood established by Allah in that? There are 3 elders and 9 first born, whom Allah instilled himself in first. Although there are many righteous elders who have walked and talked with Allah, an introduction by some one must have taken place by a third party. It is through one of these 12 tribes that any and every True and Living God or Earth has the ability to restore their lifeline through to Allah. My introduction to Allah has been manifested through my lifeline. My Supreme Mathematics as taught by Allah to his seventh Sun is:
4.Culture or Freedom (when applied to 40 or more)
8.Build or Destroy
Every true brother of the seventh family knows this to be true. The Supreme Freedom is not given instantly, there is no refinement of our Supreme Power, and Allah is the Supreme name of God. To those who use such terminology in their mathematics I invite your challenge because only God can correct God. We can take our family trees to the first or second fruit born to cee the truth in the Supreme Wisdom because there lies the Supreme Power that magnetically attracts all the unalike to where they accept and enter the Seventh Heaven or reject only to distill to the depths of Hell. "One word can change a nation."- ABG#7. My beloved blackseed was/is right and exact. I was taught to "Let no one stop or change these teachings sun!" and stand firm on my square. I do not go with the flow because I Stimulate Life And Matter. And this is my Peace!

ALLAH Education

Supreme Team
Of Va

"Death Before Dishonor"

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