Saturday, August 16, 2008

Identity Crisis

My black nation is lost.

They don't know why they're here or their purpose for living, much less, they don't know who they are.

The journey to find self is not that far.

An identity crisis is keeping us in a condition of a made savage in the pursuit of happiness.

Stunting the growth of the children making them settle for less.

Not knowing the origin of self causes confusion.

White kids wanting to be black kids, black kids wanting to be white living out an illusion.

People wanna be everybody but themselves.

But who is to blame?

We were made other than ourselves.

This is an identity crisis.

Our people were forced to pick cotton, forced to pick tobacco, and forced to pick rice.

My black women were raped and taken out of their original state of being Earth.

An identity crisis keeps them from knowing the value of self and how much they're worth.


My black brother were beaten in front of the mother and the child to destroy the make image and reverse natural law.

An inability to identify this as a major flaw.

Women wanna be men and men become transvestites.

Women intertwining with each other wanting to be dikes.

We have an identity crisis on our hands.

It wan in the Devils plan to plant fear through out the land.

Who is the Original Man?

If you don't know the answer to this question

You will miss life's greatest lesson.

Knowing who you are is life's greatest blessing.

Written by:
Dominant Asiatic Savior Allah

Supreme Team

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