Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Who is the Founder?



When we look at the word 'founder' many auomatically cee discoverer and explorer. In another sense founder can be ceen as one who founded something or first established their knowledge in a cipher. "Mecca means where the knowledge and wisdom of the original man started when the planet was first founded." Mecca is headquarters and homebase and the site where we shared our thoughts to establish a certain staus quo. This is what Allah did in Harlem many years ago. He started the knowledge and wisdom he possessed in the streets and founded the Five Percenters. Among the most low he delivered the most high knowledge and wisdom; Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabets.

In these days of AWM we are going to have to be trendsetters, trailblazers, and originators in our own communities. I know this is easier said than done. With all of our other responsibilities we forget to activate ourselves to take on the duty of civilizing the uncivilized. When this happens we cee that unalike attracts and alike repels. But why? Why would I distance myself from the familiar to go contrary? Is this truly a law of nature or a law of selfishness? I cee AWM as dealing with alike attract and unalike repel, and this is the true nature of the universe.

There are brothers and sisters caught up in '6', who fall under Yacobs rules and regulations, one being his law on the alike and unalike forces. They make excuses or exile themselves for various things that are unalike to who they say they are Born You Truth in reality it is still AWM and hose coons can never and will never be God or Earth and that which they are attracted is what they are alike to. The true and living keep God in their cipher and attract those who they cee a piece of themselves in. Everyone one of the first born carried out an attribute of Allah because he 'plan-et' or planted himself in their minds. So when we start to found our own planets we have to keep the laws of attraction in AWM. Knowledge is common ground and if you can't get to know someone then you don't have any business teaching them! Because word is bond and if you have no bond due to lack of word then your unalike minds will only cause further seperation.

The Founder is one who is truly Universal with the ability to communicate effectively with all of the human families of the Earth. He is Allah and knows that all things are an extension of him thus he can master them by first truly mastering self because alike attracts and unalike repels.


King Prince Allah