Monday, February 9, 2009

In Rememberance of you ALLAH

In the name of ALLAH to whom all praises are due forever! To whom my sacrifice, my life and death are all for! I his just and true sun in his service forever! Greet my great nation in the highest order of respect PEACE!! This month being FATHER EQUALITY BE or FATHER EQUALITY BORN. The fathers equality will always BE(EXIST). Because the fathers equality he born complete. Giving birth to the GODS and EARTHS!!

On Wednesday February 22, 1928 was the physical birth of the man we know and love as ALLAH! In remembrance of you ALLAH I write this. Because as long as there is breath in my body you will always be remembered.

At the date of this writing many people fail to realize the greatness of you ALLAH. A man from Danville, VA. who came to the biggest city in the USA and made a global impact which still stands 39 years later (44 years later).

I was taught that the only way to the father is through the sun. A point still very much valid in this day and time. I have been blessed to have been taught this knowledge as a teen by a sun. I was physically birthed when the nation was well under way. Yet and still I am able to build on historical events which took place well before my physical birth. I say this to let the young reader know to get in tune with ALLAH the man himself. I know that everyone would like to deem themselves master builders. BUT your origin in the Great Nation starts with ALLAH!

In remembrance of you ALLAH I was taught to let no one stop or change these teaching sun! This brings to mind a conversation I had with a young brother a few days ago. He saw me reading something with universal flag on it. He said Knowledge-Knowledge. I asked what was the origin of that? And told him my greetings was PEACE. In remembrance of you ALLAH because I was never taught you said Knowledge Knowledge. Then he said he was ALLAH and asked me was I ALLAH. I told him I was LORD KALIM ALLAH! I asked did he understand what he was saying? Of course he didn't. I asked the brother did he know who ALLAH was is and will always be. I began to take this young brother on a historical past. The beginning and origin of the FIVE PERCENT NATION, which he knew nothing about.

I explain to my brother what ALLAH went through to have that name. He had no idea of the greatness of the man himself. "TEACH WHEREVER YOU GO"! So I blessed the young with what I have been blessed with...The teaching of ALMIGHTY GOD ALLAH. See ALLAH said understanding comes in what "TIME". Because ALLAH went through many things for you and I. To not know your lessons your history of this nation, not teaching anyone, and calling yourself ALLAH just doesn't sit well with me.

BUT I realized that this young brother had been miseducated. And thoughts came to mind of where would I have been had I not found GODS KEE. This is why knowing the history of ALLAH is so important. Each GOD and EARTH should be able to trace there origin back to the FIRST BORN to ALLAH through there teacher. I am proud to say my tree is supreme! See when you love this you will teach it wherever you are or wherever you go as it was taught to you.

See these teachings are no to be Diluted, Mixed, or Tampered with. The teachings that were giving in the YEAR ONE=64 must remain valid. As ALLAH would ask my FIRST BORNS "WHY DID YOU CHOOSE ME IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO DO AS I SAY". To the young don;t take anything on face value. All that you study don't take any of it if its origins are not with ALLAH. Build with the GODS who walked and talked with the man. They are near and far. If your about this do your research so you can live it right and exact. Always remember ALLAH payed the ultimate sacrifice, his life. He was well aware of what was to take place when he gave us the SUPREME MATHEMATICAL and SUPREME ALPHABETICAL order. As he would say "WHEN I SAID I WAS ALLAH THE WHOLE WORLD WAS AGAINST ME". He had no fear. He would say "I DON'T RUN FROM NO MUSLIM OR ANYBODY ELSE". In remembrance of you ALLAH I will never run from my job which is teaching the truth!

I have come to learn that this is a rough job when you go hard at it. BUT the life line to ALLAH is always restoring. To take a quote from the KEE. There will be many against you just like ALLAH, for teaching this truth. BUT who wouldn't want to be like that GREAT BLACK SEED!!!

In closing "IF THE TRUTH DOESN'T STOP YOU NOTHING ELSE WILL".-ALLAH!!! And ALLAH never needed anyone to interpret his words, he could careless who agreed. As it was the it is now. In remembrance of you ALLAH the teaching will continue to live on! I LOVE YOU WE THE TRUE AND LIVING (LOVE YOU)! HAPPY DEGREE DAY!!!

The Heart of Philly,
Lord Kalim ALLAH
Supreme Team (LLC)

Teach the Young!!!


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