Saturday, December 27, 2008


Mathematics is the science of numbers, time and space; as well as their use in calculation. Allah's Supreme Mathematics is the science of ascribing living principles to numbers so that we know what time it is, and can exist and move in our own space according to natural law. Semantics is the branch of linguistics concerned with meaning, which means that as we learn to ascend from simple Math, to Supreme Mathematics to Living Mathematics we must learn the meaning of each and every living principle in Allah's Supreme life lessons. Mathsemantics being the rites of passage we must go through to bring value and meaning to our Mathematics.

Allah's Supreme Mathematics is the origin of the language we in the Nation of Gods and Earths, made manifest through the dialect of his Supreme Alphabets. These foundational kees to reality must then be internalized and progressively transcended through the scence of demcantics, bringing forth the Culture of Living Mathematics spoken through Living Alphabets, just as Almighty God Allah himself taught us through his living example and demonstration. Mathematically speaking, this means that we must use our Knowledge and Understanding to weigh the Wisdom of all things! And to do so, we must first come to the realization that these are facts of life, not merely concepts.

Like many I hear today, I too was once reciting conceptual Math, sounding drone-like and robotic with my Mathematics. That's because I was merely speaking the language of Mathematics without applying semantics to them. As such, they held no meaning in my life, they were simply hypotheticsal concepts with no real value. Which means they were useless to me, because a solution that is never applied to the necessary equation is of no good, it serves no purpose. Which is in fact contrary to what Allah taught us, or as he would say "That's not my teaching Sun."

Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabets are the kees to unlock the science of life. Therefore, life itself and all of its vast experiences are what bring vitality and character to my Mathematics, making the My Living Mathematics and My Living Alphabets. Thus my Supreme language is then spoken in the Universal dialect of righteousness, and the concepts I draw up in my mind are made manifest through the living application of my Mathematics. This is what makes me God! The sole controller of my thoughts and actions that're Born through my will into reality.

So when Allah said "God can't teach God nothing" he was teaching us that a God State of Mind manifests Mathematics at the speed of life itself, and no one can live my life b.u.t. me! Yes, you can share your Knowledge and Understanding with me b.u.t. until I bring meaning to what it is your share with me, it is utterly useless to me. My Wisdom is how I realize all reality, and until I do so and manifest the semantics to my Mathematics, I'm still "whistling in the dark" as my First Born would say. That's why Allah taught us that "Each man must swim his own 9,000 miles". How's that for Mathsemantics?! (smile)

In conclusion, I would like for all of us to Supremely examine the origin of alot of the "slanguage" that's being used today. Allah did not teach us slang! He taught us Supreme Living Mathematics, and the dialect of Living Alphabets. The Mathematics being cold and warm, meaning Universally precise and unchanging; and the Alphabets being very swift and changeable, meaning Supremely flexible and compliant in application. Fundamental, unchanging Truths being lived out through the grace and murcy of the Supreme Being Himself! What does that mean to you? Do your Mathematics have the necessary semantics that the naked eye can detect? Remember, we have been blessed with the burden of giving sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, and Knowledge to the dumb. This is lord Kalim's Yellowseed of Supreme Understanding manifesting Mathematics at the speed of the mind, through the medium of thought, in the Name of Allah. I love you all like I love myself! Allah-U-Akbar!

Supreme Peace,

Scientific Born Allah
Supreme Team

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