Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What Does It Mean To Be God?

I was once asked by the Heart 0f Philly what being God means to me, and I told my Almighty Blackseed that being God means everything to me because it is the culmination of everything I've ever studied and worked for in this world. Of course I wasn't always apart of this world because like a majority of us, I came from the 85% world into the 5% world. B.U.T. (and this ain't no lie!) now that I am the True and Living God that my mental Father raised me to be, I can cee much more into his question of Supreme examinaton than the naked eye can detect. Showing and proving that Understanding is indeed the Best Part of life and Mathematics, because Mathematics is life!

In arithmetic, mean is a term midway between extremes, which is synonymous to average. In Mathematics, mean is the specified importance of one's purpose or intentions. The difference being that in the 85% world the meaning of life is determined by the law of averages, or 'majority rules'; which is defined by the law of nature (Mathematics!) that rules the majority; which is defined by ALLAH, the Supreme Being, Blackman from Asia. What does this all mean? As I cee it, it means that the majority are dictated life by others while there is a small minority that dictate life on our own terms. Such is the reality of God.

Being God means that I must be above and beyond the mentality of the 85% masses and their superstitions concept of a mystery god that does not exist. However, I now know and understand that being God also means that I must elevate above and beyond just a God State of Mind and into a God State of Living Mathematics so that the very same 85% masses that accept everything on the face value law of averages can cee the reality of God in everyday life. And where I once thought that this reality was a given, I now cee that it is not because there is a vast difference between intentions and manifestations of life. All who intend to do well don't always do well! After all, even the blind, deaf and dumb have good intentions when they advocate their so-called mystery god. Yet that has nothing to do with the manifestation of the True and Living God of reality! My point being that I must MEAN what I say (I am God) and say what I mean (I AM GOD!!).

What this means to me is that I must live this Truth out in the highest form of thought, deed and action, just as Almighty God Allah taught us to. Does this mean that I cannot commit errors? That I must be perfect in everyway? Emphatically NO! Allah did not teach us to be 'holier than thou', that's the 85% concept of what God is. Allah taught us the reality of God, and to be righteous, civilized people in the pursuit of happeness. He also taught us that if we do something that we son't know about and mess up, that's not a mistake. It' only a mistake when we know better and do otherwise. Which means that God is a righteous, seen being who utilizes his Divine Liveing Mind to Born the necessary Mathematical solutions to the infinite equations o life. As I cee it, the Divinity of God is not the ridiculous concept of 'holy perfection'; it is the Supreme ability to rise above our flaws, errors and shortcomings and perfect them through the growth and development of experiencing life itself. That's how I live my Mathematics!

Being God means to me that Allah's 120* of life are my CORE VALUE SYTEM, which I must internalize and transcend into the lessons o life he intended them to be. This means that my lessons are simply my blueprints to build by, or my proverbial road map to life. Which are of no use to me without having the Understanding of when and where to activate and apply them at in my life. What good are any blueprints without the skills to read and Understand them? What do I need a road map for without any destination to reach? Allah gave me my purpose (Good Orderly Direction!) when he taught us to 'Teach the people'. Now it's on me to build with his Supreme blueprints and navigate through life using the map he blessed us with. Our lessons are the Supreme Foundation that we all share. What we do with them is how we show and prove what being God truly means!

What all this means to me is that God is he who rises above the equality of all things and makes himself responsible gor all that cannot respond for itself. Particularly our lessons! We cannot jus 'say' our lessons; knowing and quoting them is only 1 and 2, basic Knowledge and Wisdom. We must DO the Knowledge and LIVE the Wisdom to be able to Understand that we are now responsible for standing under the weight of responsibility for not only ourselves b.u.t. the uncivilized as well. Remember, they're not wise enought to go through the Wisdom of the Cipher of responsibility, so we must be able to respond for their lack of Wisdom and think for the unwise. That's what a lesson is supposed to do, teach the meaning of that which is being studied. What are you studying? What does it mean to you?

My name is God Scientific Born in the Name of ALLAH and I study the science of life through the magnetic Truth of Allah's Mathematics. Therefore, his science plus the magnetic of his mind Born me! (science+magnetic=Scientific!) That's what being God means to me; what about you?? Remember, the Supreme of all Beings himself once said, "It all depends on the Gods", therefore, we must each live our lessons out according to what he means to us individually, because together we equal him! those that don't know what that means need to ask themselves:
"What does it mean to be God?"

Supreme Peace,

Scientific Born Allah

Supreme Team

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