Monday, January 12, 2009

Did They Recieve More Gold?

There are people in the world who are sincerely searching for the best part and end up receiving the worst part when it comes to the Knowledge of Self, the history, and the teachings of the 5% born complete to the world by none other than Almighty God ALLAH.

It is common in this day and time for many to come in the Name of Allah without knowing what, where, or who the origin of their teachings stem from. For this reason many who seek to learn are mislead by those who claim to be of the Nation of Gods and Earths born you truth their teachings and their actions do not reflect or coincide with the teachings of the 5% as taught by Allah himself (1964-1969).

Examples of false teachings exist in the following forms:

1. You can read a book about the Gods and Earths and now you are a God or Earth (without walking and talking with the True and Living Gods and Earths).
2. The Nation of Gods and Earths are Muslims and our culture is Islam.
3. The Original Woman is a Goddess and the woman is the head of the family.

The above 3 examples are a form of grafted teachings and calculated confusion designed by the 10% to separate the seeds by having us at odds with each other. These falsehoods make us unable to come together for that one common cause of freedom, justice, equality, love, peace, and happiness.

These kind of teachings are spread like a virus on the Internet and through books. Universal Shaamguadd stated, "Beware of false knowledge it is more dangerous than ignorance". Brothers and sisters have to learn how to use your third eye and take everything through the living mathematics, living alphabets, and 120* of life. Through examining the history and teachings of Almighty God ALLAH, there is no room for a person to think that you can read a book, or go on the Internet and suddenly transform into a True and Living God.

On November 15, 1967; Allah the Father, was speaking on tape and stated that the staff at Mattewan Hospital told him ''We don't have your services here (Muslim services). Allah stated, 'If you had Muslim services they are not my services, because I don't have a religion.' Therefore those of you snakes speaking lies on the Internet and through your poison books your are lying to the people when you state that Allah is a Muslim. Just like the trader that promised the people gold ( the best part) John Hawkins wisdom was never born, and the people that followed him ended up in chains and shackles.

Almighty God ALLAH came and removed the chains and shackles. Allah said, '' We have to bring the children together and kill all religion." Those of you working for the 10% seeking to put the Nation of Gods and Earths back into slavery under the yoke and umbrella of the parasites, its best that you hide behind books and web pages and never show your face. The True and Living Gods are still present in the Universe and are waiting to eat you alive.

29.Did they receive more gold?
30.No! The trader disappeared and there were no one left to speak their language.
31.Then what happened?
32.They wanted to go back to their own country but they could not swim 9000 miles.

Just like Prince A. Coonbutt. (I mean Prince A. Cuba) This coon sat in prison years, months, and days writing books and other publications with false knowledge teaching that 7 is God or Goddess. Prince A. Cuba went home to the free cipher and he couldn't swim the 9000 miles in this culture, so after years, months, and days of misleading brothers and sisters with his false teachings, he denounced the 5% and disappeared just like the trader. Now the brothers that followed him are stuck in the bottomless pit unable to swim the 9000 miles into Allah's World Manifest because their minds are the isle of Patmos

Time is the biggest snitch. These traders who present false teaching and catch a few brothers and sisters in their net bag serve as agent provocateurs for the 10%. After they serve their purpose of leading the people away from the teachings, they disappear into the shadows from whence they came.

"The people go searching for gold as they are promised pure solid knowledge by the traders who set up trading posts in the jungles of their minds and come out with copper."
It was common in Greece and Rome for the people of their civilizations time to worship and venerate the women as Goddess of fertility. These grafted teachings are also taught in Masonry in the Order of the Eastern Star, the Goddess Venus.

Those of you advocating these teachings are advocating power refinement. When the Romans refined the seed of power they created homosexuals. Allah's truth is 100% right and exact to make the man equal with the woman is to make man other than himself. Allah said, "Remember equality can never get above 7(Allah), 6 when drawn up to its fullest equality shall distill back from whence she came." The Moon has no light of her own she reflects the light of the Sun. For the Sun and Moon to reverse their roles, the solar system would be in disorder and eventually collapse. To place the woman at the head of the family i equivalent to a man or a God reflecting the strength of his woman.

The Earth rotates around the Sun, the Sun don't rotate around the Earth. You cant refine something that's already pure. Those of you making the woman stand in the place of God are other than7.

Those of you running around with false flags having the crescent Moon rising above the 7, this is a reflection of you weak and wicked cipher, wisdom before knowledge 21* 1-40 (Who is the founder of unalike attract and alike repel? Yacub is the founder of such ciphers.

First born Prince Allah said, "You make her, you own her, you cream in her planet, to fat her, this is what makes you the God of the Universe."

In closing I want to say this:
The next time you come across a brother or sister who comes in the Name of Allah and their wisdom is suspect, ask them one question...Show and Prove where did you get that from?

Proper Education Always Corrects Errors,
True Life Allah

Supreme Team


"Yellow Seed" said...

Peace God!
Right and exact.

Sahamea Jackson said...
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Zaki Yemi said...

My Attribute is Zig Allah King Infinity.

Zaki Yemi said...

I am from Columbus Ohio I n have 4 different versions of 120 Lessons. I am in need of that which is right and exact. I got 120 in the Belly of the Beast and they was definitely two different groups of Gods. Kobe group was basically a gang claiming knowledge but living savage. The other group was on point building daily in Positive Ciphers and carrying themselves with the utmost respect of the whole institution . So I followed them. But they still had grafted lessons.

Armel McDuffie said...

Peace God I just read all the post while ding some research online. My brother I will be more than happy to introduce you to a proper set of 120 and walk you through each degree in order for you to riding your own understanding.