Thursday, January 22, 2009

Can a Devil Fool a Muslim?

All praise is due to Allah,
and his man Justice,
the Black and the Brown...

Peace to my universal family! I exist as Understanding Knowledge Allah. When I first decided to be apart of this nation (the Nation of Gods and Earths), I had to undergo a debriefing process which was necessary and is necessary for all to go through. Especially those who were raised up in religion. Being told that I am God did not initially sit well with me, even though much of what i was told made sense. it was hard to release myself from a mystery god concept when even my degrees (120* lessons) called my Muslim (or so I thought). What I eventually did was research, study, and apply Supreme Mathematics in order to understand those degrees. One in particular was:

Can a Devil fool a Muslim?

That is the question asked in the 25th degree in the 1-36. This degree has been a controversial degree for those who lack understanding. Some who were born into a religious mindset would easily conclude that because they were given these lessons from Allah through his righteous sons then. That must mean Allah was and is telling us we are Muslims. End Cipher!

Allah stated, "We are not Muslims, we are righteous people, therefore we must create righteous names for ourselves." So that means even our names should be created outside of religious influence.

Now sticking to the point; Allah himself said, "We are not Muslims." He also stated while in Mattewan, when a doctor told him, "We don't have your Muslim services here." Allah said, "If you have Muslim service, they not my services." So Allah determined and decreed that Muslims we are not. Then why do we still quote that degree as written? It is no mystery that the 120 degrees are Muslim lessons that were retrieved from the Nation of Islam. The questions asked by Master Fard Muhammad and answered by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Allah knew that they were Muslim lessons and that the knowledge they contained in the form of wisdom was written to guide a people who were deaf, dumb, and blind to their own history, power, and the reality of themselves. Born U Truth, Allah understood the lessons and created the Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabets with the help of our elder Justice Cee, to use as keys to unlock the understanding of those degrees. So changing the degrees is not necessary.

Back to the Question:
Can a Devil Fool a Muslim?
The answer to the question as answered in the 26th degree is "No. Not now a day." Some Gods take the liberty when asking the question, to change the word Muslim to God so that they may relate more to the question.

So the question would be:
Can a Devil Fool God?
Emphatically No! Keep in mind we're talking about God. Not one only being God by nature, but being God consciously; aware of his mental powers and capabilities. Someone who makes rain, hail, snow, and earthquakes and does not fear the devil or fall victim to his civilization.

How can the devil fool him?
He cannot be fooled if he is the maker and owner and has thoroughly studied, examined, and analyzed all he has created (material things, circumstances, relationships etc.). If he knows what he put into something then he can determine what will come out of it because he put it there. BUT if he has not studied, or examined, and did not know exactly what he did or put in what he created. His opponent (which is devil) who knows what exists within that which was created can and will fool him who does not know.

Why are we not Muslims?
It is taught that a Muslim is one who submits to the will of Allah. Some Gods (those without understanding) would say Allah the 13th man, was and is our Father, who left instructions and examples for us to follow. Since we are submitting to his will that would make us his children and Muslims. Emphatically No! Keep in mind my you brother and sister that a Muslim is a religious person who not only submit to their idea of God being in the sky but practices rituals an traditions in accordance to Arab cultures of old in the east. This is not who you are!

Allah instructed us not to worship him and to crush all religion. Does that sound like he was making Muslims? I do not want you to take anything that I've told you as an attack on Muslims because it is not. Like our big brother Universal Shaamguadd, one of the Godhead of Medina, wrote in a degree entitled "Allah you are the Greatest". He stated, "I even heard brothers and sisters speak against true Moslems here in America without trying to see past their knowledge and wisdom and show them your understanding, you must always remember that Moslems are lovers of their religion, their Quran, their prophet Mohammad, their truth and Allah, and because of their knowledge and wisdom of the Holy Quran they will refuse to understand you, if all you are able to speak is knowledge and wisdom of the truth.

So we as Gods have to teach the truth right and exact with a clear understanding. BUT if you do not know or understand the difference between being a Muslim or God, then you will not only be unsuccessful in teaching the Muslim, but you will mislead anyone you come in contact with and is a hindrance to your own growth and development. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, stated in his book "The Message to the Blackman in America", "Accept your own ad be yourself." In order to be yourself you have to identify self, and when you do, accept who you are, what you are, and why you are. When you identify anything you can determine its functions and purpose.

Question: What happens in a case of mistaken identity?
I'll tell you. You will be living a lie, never fulfilling your duty, never releasing your fullest potential, and never take your rightful place in the world. We are the Nation of Gods and Earths! If you are apart of this nation and you are an original, then you are God, so be God. If you are an original woman then you are Earth, so be Earth. I hope and fast that what was presented to you helped to assist you gaining your own understanding of who you are within the degrees. We are way too valuable and possess qualities and answers to solve all problems, so why let anyone fool us into thinking any less of ourselves.

Can a devil fool a Muslim?
No. Not now a day.

Can a devil fool God?
No. Not ever.

Peace to the Gods and Earths.


SV Allah said...

Peace Almighty,

I see your angle on the wisdom power degree in the 1-36, however, mine is different so I want to make knowledge born relative to how I draw it up. Indeed, you are right and exact in that we are not Muslims. That being the case we don't take degrees on face value by getting caught up in the verbiage word for word. Now, this may sound wild born u truth I see the answer to question being y equal self, we can be fooled and are fooled quite frequently. Allow me to show and prove.

The understanding knowledge degree in the 1-40 states that to make devil one must begin grafting from the original man, so WE make devil. The understanding build degree states why we do this, "to show forth and prove that Allah is God, always has been and always will be." We create difficulties in our lives both consciously and sub-consciously which manifest themselves in the form of obstacles so that we can learn from our mis-steps by taking the best part and not caring about the poor part. Even being the supreme mathematicians that we are, we all make miscalculations sometimes. It's not about those miscalculations though, it's about recovering from that momentary mental death as the knowledge understanding degree tells us that we always have a chance and supreme mathematics born refinement after power so that we can constantly elevate. I just wanted to add-on and let you know how I see that math. Keep builidng God allah self this world needs you, me, and us!


(feel freee to shoot me an email at so that we can build on this further almighty)

Prince Namor said...

Peace Son of Man from the God Divine 3.9. Allah that was a nice build on your blog. I am feeling the wisdom in your words and got and understanding of what your building on Peace.