Thursday, October 9, 2008

Come Home


Peace and Bleassings,

To all my brothers locked down in the belly of the beast I say, "Come Home!". Sincerely I am missing you. I know ALLAH said, "Don't miss me be me, and all those who miss me aint me.". Well it is what it is. I am still the Sun of a Father. To the Supreme Team of Va; Lord Prince, Father Sun, Lord Sincere Mos Powerful, Dominant Asiaitc Savior, Benevolent, Freedom, Judgement, and all of your fruit come home! To my own branch of Supreme Team; God Be U, Grand Architectual Zig Zag Zig, the Guru, Divine God Prince Star, and all of your fruit come home! The Understanding Allah-God, Understanding Build or Destroy, Understanding Born, and Freedom add Cipher degrees are screaming in my head. We are seen and heard everywhere, so I do mines out here and you do yours in there. In one day you will break away from the island of Penal, either mentally or physically. In my own God time, the understanding for all that I cee and hear shall be born to me. And no question I will give all I have and do all within my power to cee the day when we can pop bottles together, the brothers in the Name of ALLAH. If you do not have Brotherhood you aint got shit. That is the foundation. To my brothers that are home; Self Born, Lord Sincere "Best Part", I love you and we in here let's grind in the Name. Oh yeah to my prodigy Reality, you were a newborn babe when I left you, God you taught me how to listen with a humble ear to the people. This is my heart to all who witness, my blood, life, and sacrifice. To the Supreme Team. Lord Kalim ALLAH, you like the Watcher, never seen yet forever in the midst. Scientific Born keep delivering that heat to these cold coons. Gykee, I wonder did you know what you were doing when you taught Lord Kalim all those years past, if not ALLAH knew when he was teaching you. I love you all like I love myself. Peace.



"Death Before Dishonor"

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