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Music & 120*

Lord Universal Al-Samad ALLAH
Father Equality Be or Born
15,092 A.C.
Cipher Build or Destroy

In the Name of ALLAH and his right hand man Justice Cee...

The most common method of music in the western world is the Ionian mode. The Ionian mode is the Greek name for the major scale. Ion- from the Greek "ienai; meaning something that goes". Ian- from the old French "ien; meaning relating, belonging to, or resembling". What does it resemble? The Original Man's music! To the original people music was not vocal or instrumental in kind, but it meant the living practice of philosophy. The adjustment of human life into harmony with God, until the personal soul became unified with him and consciously heard, because it now participated in the music of the spheres (9* 1-14). Whereas, the colored man's music is the so-called art of organizing tones in a coherent sequence so as to produce a unified and continuous composition.

Music, from the Greek mousike: (art) of the muses. The muses of Greek mythology were any of the nine daughters of Mnemosyne and Zues, each of whom presided over a different art or science (9* 1-40).

The musicality of many Bantu words is so precise that they can be transcribed on a stave (or staff), using European notation, for example: Jiba (theft in duala) would be written while Muenen (light) could be transcribed. Notice that a stave is composed of 5 lines and 4 spaces: (5+4=9) (36* 1-40) 6,020+72,241+2,197,351=52=7 (7*1-10) How much useful land is used by the Original Man? ans. The Original Man uses 23,000,000 square miles. If we take this 23 million through our Supreme Alphabets we cee Wisdom being manifested in our Power to rise above six miles of her surface. (7*1-36) Why does he like the devil? He like the devil because the devil keeps him trapped with no known responsibilities in the realm of six, and not being able to propes himself into those higher degrees of self. Which brings us to the structure of the musical body. Musical notes consist of the first seven notes of the Alphabets; A, B, C, D, E, F, and G. When playing a musical composition, the first note is called the root.

Root, according to Mathematics, is a number that when multipled by itself, an indicated amount of times, forms a product equal to a specified number. (7* 1-14) Why does the devil call our people Africans? Because the root of trick knowledge is propaganda! B.U.T. the root of existence is the Original Man, coinciding with the 1* 1-10 we can cee that these notes represents: A-1-Original Man, B-2-Asiatic Blackman, C-3-Maker, D-4-Owner, E-5-Cream of the planet Earth, F-6-Father of Civilization, G-7-God of the Universe. BUT this is not where the mathematics of music ends, for there is a process of elevation in every sphere of life. Thus, the rotation of notes in the musical scale elevate to a higher degree referred to as an "Octave": A-1/8, B-2/9, C-3/10, D-4/11, E-5/12, F-6/13, G-7/14, A-1/15.

"Octave Eighth"

(7* 1-40) How fast does our panet travel?

ans. 1,037 1/3 mph. (1+3+7+1+3=15=6), thus, our planet travels in the realm of six. This six is only a limitation in that mist that strikes a cold current and turns into solik ice in small round drops in form or a light fluffy form called snow. Compared to (7* Actual Facts) Mount Everest is 29,141 feet high. Being the highest elevation on the planet manifesting the knowledge of God having the ability to consciously build or destroy (2+9+1+4+1=1+7=8). (8* Actual Facts) Sound travels at a rate of 1,120 feet per second. (8+1+1+2=1+2=3). 3 is the C note, the note that the mahor scale actually begins on. In science this is referred to as "sublimate" or "sublimation", which means to go from a gas state (knowledge) to a soled state (understanding) at such a high rate that it bypasses the liquid state (wisdom). Thus, C becomes the root, meaning that your understanding of your position is the root of seeking further knowledge. It is the original mans seed elevating from the cream --to the Father whom produces the cream. Also, we have what are called accidentals. That is # (sharps) : raises the value of a note a 1/2 step: (flats) : lower the value of a note a 1/2 step; and (naturals) which cancels out all sharps and flats. Holy Qur'an 4:95. (7* Solar Facts) Uranus is 1,783,000,000 miles from the Sun (1+7+8+3=1+9=1). So we take life from knowledge to born, elevating God into the realm of consciously building civilizations. (8* Solar Facts) Neptune is 2,793,000,000 miles from the Sun. (2+7+9+3=2+1=3) Bringing U.N.I. back to the home I.S.L.A.M. (3* Solar Facts) Earth is 93,000,000 miles from the Sun. This is where the Sun of Man borns his understanding of equality on all planes (planets) through his eight points of self-awareness (120*).

1. Supreme Mathematics 5. Lost/Found #1
2. Supreme Alphabets 6. Lost/Found #2
3. Student Enrollment 7. Actual Facts
4. English Lesson #C-1 8. Solar Facts


1* 1-10

7* 1-10

7* 1-36

7* 1-14

9* 1-14

7* 1-40

9* 1-40

36* 1-40

7* Actual Facts

8* Actual Facts

3* Solar Facts

7* Solar Facts

8* Solar Facts

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The Meaning of Masonry by: W.L. Wilmshurst

Music Theory Class

African Music: A Peoples Art by: Francis Bebey

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