Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Letter From L.P.A.


ALLAH Education
Peace to the God!!

On the day of Knowledge-Equality, month of Cipher Cee Truth. I bring forth a perspective that puts all things in a proper perspective. Since I'm taught that Knowledge is the basic foundation and Equality is something I have to master at all times. My "Cipher will Cee the Truth" of the above and the sixteen section of the points I shall master. I view this as self taking the "poor" out of the degree. Since age=degree, when I reach this degree (A-Good-Example) I remove the -poor- through "self-responsibility" and the required duty to teach civilization!! The sixteen sections are a result of the 8 points divided into two parts. The eight points are the symbol of the ever expanding Universe...Since eight is Build and U= "You or Universe". I conclude- "Build" - "You" is the expansion of the Universe, or simply teach wherever you go and we will be ever expanding!! Since I'm taught that when you "Wisdom", the "Build" is also activated. The eight points have "two sides". I draw this up from the perspective - you have a sender (teacher) and receiver (student). Both are interchangeable because your mathematics don't live until your cipher or students come back to teach you!!

So viewing the "two sides" from a different angle. I draw up a clear perspective for "Build or Destroy", because it has two sides to it!! Through truly understanding, one is able to Knowledge his Equality and become a master of rain, hail, snow, and earthquake!! How many of the 17 million are still making mistakes when it comes to this degree? If I "Knowledge" - "ALLAH-God" and know the meaning of civilization - there can't be any mistakes on this degree (1+7=8) WOW.

This is the "Build" producing sound - giving you a foundation (1) or (36 kees) to build upon (120). Knowing how to apply "120 in life". A vast majority of the population will never "Knowledge their Equality", which I alphabetically see as Power. The Power to righteously ascend the square, into "seven". They will spend their time "straying" from the roots of civilization living a jungle way of life. So they fail to knowledge the equality of "ALLAH". The Father who we respectfully call ALLAH God!!

Sun the beast didn't let the Mathematics get through. Maybe the written form. Peace to Self - I'm out. Tell Kalim I sent the logo out to be copy written, I got the receipt back past day.


S.T. of V.A.

Death Before Dishonor

P.S.- Lord we have to zig zag zig -120 in-

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